Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trip Report

Vicki and I spent quite a bit of time at the Packwood Museum in Lewisburg, PA. It rained the entire day on Friday, so it kept us out of the shops in town - they looked great, though. What a beautiful place. I would love to visit again. The Packwood House Museum is really wonderful. We toured the adjoining house where the Fetherstons lived with their collections. I've always loved antiques, and all things old, and this was some of the finest that I've ever seen. Very unusual examples of pottery, furniture and china. The quilts were choice; beautiful quilts in beautiful condition. The small book in the photo below contains a few of the quilts that were displayed in the museum. I took copious notes on my favorite - see the picture at the bottom of the post. After sitting on the floor sketching and note-taking, I reread the description and saw Jeannette Lasansky's name mentioned. She was the author of a few Pennsylvania quilt books. Sure enough, when I got home, the quilt was in "In the Heart of Pennsylvania", on page 47. It looks good in the book, but, in person, so striking. The quilting creates so much movement that it makes the quilt exceptional. The quilting shows up quite well in the book, so you can get some sense of it.

The larger book is really one worth having. It is from the exhibit at the Chester Co. Historical Society. There were a few quilts that were really nice, but others that were (how shall I say it!), average, and even some that I wouldn't rate even that. Some weren't in very good condition, and some were everyday examples of 20th century quilts. The book is another story...nicely printed, with great color plates of the quilts, along with b&w photos of quiltmakers and ephemera. It was published by the Chester Co. Historical Society, this year. If interested, they will ship the book. I haven't checked any book sites, like Amazon, to see if it is available elsewhere.

Pennsylvania, and the east coast just have a seemingly endless supply of incredible quilts. The books from these areas are my "go to" choices when I just want to sit back and look at some great antique quilts.


antique quilter said...

thanks Jan!
I ordered the book, one that I didn't have, can't wait to see what quilt is in the book!
I am so glad you enjoyed your visit.
good for you taking notes!
weren't the quilts amazing??? I hope I get to go back.

Janet said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day. I love the PA quilts. What a shame there are no photos allowed.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, you drew out the pink and green quilt that was in the gallery, didn't you? i stood there and stood there, admiring that one. i couldn't believe that the gal who was showing us around hadn't noticed that there were more than 1 pink used in that quilt. loved that quilt! we should make it! :o)

glad that you enjoyed it!


Meredith said...

I went to the exhibit last Saturday and had a great time. Did the guide tell you that the one white background 4 block quilt that was in the show was originally given to the musuem for tehre jumble sale! They asked for it to be donated instead and teh owners agreed to that. Even though the fabric was worn it is a good example.

Jan said...

I have read about this show...sad that I'm no longer close enough to make a road trip to see it! I'm a big fan of Pennsylvania quilts.