Thursday, September 3, 2009

My New Find

This isn't quilt related, but it is needlework. Yesterday my neighbors who are antique dealers gave their friends a preview before a sale they are going to have. Along with a rug, which is what I really was looking for, I bought this table. The needlepoint is Victorian, and, if you enlarge the picture, you will see some great images. There is a tear above the cat which I think I can just whipstich closed, and the gimp will probably need replacing, but that really isn't involved. I just love it, and I think quilters enjoy other forms of needlework, so I hope you like it, too. Some of the images are ones that I have seen before in a quilt book. I think it was one of the Pennsylvania ones. If I find that, I'll share those pics, too.


Anonymous said...

The needlepoint figures are very interesting. Does look as though some bugs/moths have been at it some point in its life. Wouldn't hurt to put in the freezer for three or four days and kill anything thing that might still be there, larvea, pupula, etc. Thanks for sharing

MARCIE said...

Beautiful piece! I am enjoying your blog!

antique quilter said...

would love to know if find these designs in any of your quilting books.
I agree some look familiar
Just like how many antique hooked rugs do we see that have been made into quilt patterns and vise versa?
Lucky you getting to go to this sale, did they have any antique quilts?

Robin said...

Just a suggestion, insert some needlepoint canvas behind the tear and then repair it. That's what I learned to do with old needlepoint pictures. It would probably be hard to match the color but maybe you could add a lady bug or something so it wouldn't look patched. It is a great find!

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh, I LOVE it! I am a needlepointer and this is incredible! Oh, yes, ANY kind of needlework goes in my house!!~ :) LOVE IT ALL!!~