Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chicago Show - Log Cabins

Many bloggers have been posting pics from the recent show in Chicago. I didn't see some of these posted, so I thought they may be of interest. This first one was one of my very favorites. Just a simple barnraising, but so wonderful.

And the quilting! The strips are fairly wide, and only two rounds, but this quilt just does it for me!
An Amish log cabin. Almost electric, wouldn't you say?

This one is a modern example. I think the strips finish to one-half inch.

Check out these fabrics! Don't most of them look like calicoes from the seventies and eighties? Those VIP and Peter Pan prints that were the earliest "repro" type available? I think this quilt proves Bonnie Hunter's theories of quilting beautifully. It's the color, not the print that matters; and if it's still ugly, you just didn't cut it small enough!

An antique silk light and dark setting. The blocks just glow!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Halloween in April

Taking a spin from 'Christmas in July', but no tricks here - all treats thanks to the antique quilt exhibit at the Chicago International Quilt Festival.  The two quilts below were the 'show greeters' (detail at left) - front and center as you walked in.  I was so busy taking pictures I didn't get any quilt dates.  I wish my camera allowed note attachment to pictures - something to look for when the current one needs replacing.  The exhibit included over 25 quilts - some exceptional pieces.  Stay tuned!


I've been working on Lightning from 'Better Homes & Gardens Quilting Pieces of the Past'.  I added two rows to make the quilt square (11 rows total) which computes to 55 full pyramids and 11 partial.  All sections are pieced and ready to sew into rows.  The background fabric is by Mary Koval from Windham - Mary's Favorite Blues II (1810 - 1890).  This fabric reads as a black, but is actually a deep, deep brown.  No sewing in my schedule this week, but I'm anxious to sew a couple rows together!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's a Girl to Do?

When Bonnie Hunter comes to your guild, you sign up and take both classes that are offered, right? I wasn't UFO shopping, but just couldn't resist. Bonnie came to the guild, and was a really fun, and interesting speaker. Her quilts are so beautiful in person. Photos just don't do them justice. She brought 100 lbs. of quilts to show! After the meeting, she taught her String Spiderweb. You can see my meager start in the photo. We had to shorten the class length due to a very scary incident at the meeting. Bonnie wrote about it on her blog. Our class, therefore, ended up being just a couple of hours. I know, I know, I could have finished more than this in two hours time, but I'm pokey.
The next day was a full day class for the Pioneer Braid. This was really fun to do, too. I was a bit afraid of it at first because it seemed as if it would be hard to keep square, but there is no problem at all. I find that the unusual pieces of fabric in my collection look great in this. You know, the multi-colored fabrics, or kinda strange? If you find that you have an abundance of "who snuck this into my stash" fabrics, then you may consider this pattern. I think it's going to turn out dandy. I auditioned different colors for the square. Bonnie recommends red solid. Well, I tried poison green, black, brick red, and they just didn't work. I ended up with this red with a strong black polka dot. Sometimes nothing works but red. It just does things that no other color can quite do.
Recently, I bought this from Fat Quarter Quilt Shop. It was my first order with them, and I was very pleased with the way they do business. Really fast shipping, and nice packaging. Highly recommended! I just love this pattern, and will be shopping the stash soon to start this one!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

String-A-Long Quilt Show, Next Installment

Pat acquired these antique fan blocks - not sure if gifted or purchased.  I love everything about this quilt - the block setting, border, quilting...  These blocks found the right owner!

These last two quilts (made by Pat) are the 'teasers' from Jan's last post.  Pat is such an awesome quilter.  She has a relaxed approach to quilting - a natural sense of what works.  Lucky girl!

Sorry about the angle on this next one - couldn't get a straight-on shot.

Friday, April 2, 2010

String-A-Long Quilt Show, Part Two

Vicki's and my friend, Pat, was the Featured Quilter at the show. I think you will agree that she makes some incredible quilts. She has a free and easy way of putting fabric together, which makes her quilts really distinctive. This medallion she calls her Concentric Quilt. Our little group of about seven of us (we call ourselves The Spamettes) exchange components - half square triangles, nine patches...this is the quilt that Pat made with our four patch exhange. We made them at 4.5 inches, including seam allowance. She used hers that size, without cutting them down. We all just love this quilt! This log cabin is special to me. At Miss Mary's Quilting Cottage in Lafayette, Indiana, Pat was working on finishing these blocks up. She told me that this one was for me. A someday quilt to be passed down. She asked how I wanted them to be set. Having seen an antique log cabin that looked as if they just threw the blocks in the air and sewed them how they landed, I asked her to do that. It's a really fun quilt, I think! The quilt on the left is an antique top that Pat bought at an auction, and had machine quilted by her daughter, Susan. Yummy! The one on the right was made from her birthday blocks. They really stand out when set on point, with a fabulous blue. This photo is really a teaser. Just corners of others quilts that we will post. The one in the hoop was started from charm squares with light corners. Pieced like the Exquisite block. This is unquilted, and one of the few non full sized quilts that Pat has made.