Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Poison Green, Part Two

This appliqued quilt is in a fairly sorry state, but I still love it. It used to be my favorite one for hanging on the wall near the Christmas tree.
I've had it for nearly as long as I've been quilting - twenty years. It was for sale in an antique store in a little Indiana town, and carried the whopping price tag of $10. Apparently, the seller didn't think too highly of it. The quilt is actually fairly sturdy, but the greens have become somewhat brittle. Greens normally hold up, so that is unusual.
Tomorrow, I am meeting Vicki in Baltimore, where she is working, and we are headed to Pennsylvania for the Packwood Exhibit that I know some of you have already been to. We are also aiming for Lancaster Co., and Washington D.C. for some more museum hopping, and Alexandria, Virginia. Should be a terrific long weekend.


Anonymous said...

just "found" your blog and i'm lovin' what i'm seein'! :o)
you girls have yourself a wonderful time looking at those wonderful antique quilts. you won't be disappointed! looking forward to hearing a full report when you get back!


antique quilter said...

make sure you take a drawing pad and pencil, colored pencils if you have them to draw out the quilts you like
I wish I had know there was no photography allowed when I went and brought along a pad and paper.
so many beautiful quilts to see, have fun and take your time thru the houses.
what a great weekend you are going to have. Enjoy your trip and can't wait to hear all about it.
Oh I LOVE this quilt so much, what a beautiful block so graceful and just my colors :)

Janet said...

I wish I could come with you too. Have a great time. Love the quilt, I would have parted with $10 for sure! Will you reproduce it maybe?

Karen said...

What a good buy! A treasure for sure.