Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Need My Own Camera

The camera that I use for blogging purposes is also the one that my husband uses for work. It hasn't been around the house for a few days so I'm sharing a flannel quilt that I had made for my niece Anna when she had leukemia five years ago. I hope that it comforted her when she went through some grueling treatments. Thankfully she is a healthy young woman now.
I had hoped to show you a recent doll quilt finish. When I get a camera for myself (and learn how to use it) that will happen!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alma's Acorn Emery

I recently received a special package in the mail.  I was the lucky winner of Blackbird Designs emery drawing (Sept. 3rd post).  There were 564 entries, so I was very surprised to read that I held the 'golden ticket'.  The emery box was made by Alma's husband and the acorn emery by Alma.  I've found a prominent spot on the kitchen shelf so I can enjoy this treasure daily.  Thanks, Alma!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum

                  The Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum's current exhibit, Family and Friends: Quilts and Their Collections, is amazing.  There are three similar quilts (circa 1860 to 1880) made by mother, daughter, and neighbor.  This first quilt (circa 1860) was made by a member of the Brubaker/Keller family from Lancaster PA. 

The next quilt was made by Fanny S. Bucher circa 1860 (neighbor to the quiltmaker above).  These two quilts share many of the same fabrics and patterns.

This last diamond quilt was made by Barbara Bucher Snyder (daughter of Fanny Bucher) circa 1880.

It was quite a site to see these three quilts hanging side-by-side.  The current issue of Quiltmania has great pictures of these quilts.

Also exhibited are three Joseph's Coat quilts from the 1890's.  The exhibit placard explains 'Although similar patterned and colored quilts were made in other areas, this particular arrangement containing the six vertical stripes repeated and surrounded on four sides by the same striped slanted borders appears to have been made exclusively by Lancaster County Mennonite and Reformed women.'  Note the quilting in the close-up (poor color representation) - alternating stripes of braid and unique quilting pattern (same format holds true for the slanted border stripes).

The current exhibit of the Museum's Esprit Amish quilt collection is wonderful.  The quilts are exhibited in glass cases which includes encased lighting, so pictures aren't worthy of posting.  The Friends and Family exhibit runs thru December 31, 2010.

This last picture is of the trip's stash enhancement (sitting on my new-old porch bench snagged at the fairground antique market, griffin too).  The stars aligned to plop me at Sauder's on the first day of their truckload sale (after fabric shopping at Zook's at 8:00 AM)!  My luggage earned a 'heavy' tag and I had the sore muscles to prove it! The pile on the left is from Sauder's 5 yd flat-fold table ($2.19/yd).  There are two pieces missing from the picture that were enlisted in a new project - fodder for my next post.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick Change

I made a quick change in the dining room this weekend. It seemed like time for a fall quilt, and this one fit the bill. The pieces for this one were cut out and set aside when I was a still a new quilter. As I remember, it was hard to find the colors that I was looking for. A couple of years ago, it got pulled when our little group went to our annual retreat in Shipshewana after the Christmas holidays end. Vicki and I mulled over the selection at Yoder's, and I was off and sewing. Sandy machine quilted it for me, and did a beautiful job, as always. But, that brings me to pointing out the heavy fold lines in this piece. Machine quilting is much more dense, and it appears to have created deeper lines as this was folded in the linen closet. I'm hoping that it will "hang out"!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Party's Over

The light's out in the sewing room, but it was lots of fun while it lasted.  I didn't get the last round of borders on the large quilt, but alot of progress was made.  Kim snagged a finish - check out the Irish Chain!

The pic is of my 'leader and ender' accomplishment for the weekend.  Leaders-enders are like free money!  

I finally caught up on all the 25 patch blocks Jan and I have been exchanging.  I would sew Jan's, but stack mine up for later.  Later finally arrived! 

The little star was the last of my set of 50.  The pieces had been lost for awhile (resurfaced when I straighten the sewing table awhile back).

The large pinwheel blocks were inspired by a quilt posted by Sharon at Indigo Threads  (May 31, 2009).  I just love the look of the large pinwheels set block-to-block.   

The large HST blocks are another cut stack sitting on the sewing table for leader-ender.  This will be set block-to-block on point (sample quilt at Little Quilts).  The large block size really shows off  the wonderful repro fabrics.  We're so lucky to have so many great repro lines!

I'm traveling this week and have carved out some time on Thursday to visit the Lancaster Quilt Museum, Zook's and Sauder's.  Don't have alot of luggage space, but that hasn't stopped me in the past!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Just popping in to see how it's going.  I started the weekend without a plan. By mid day yesterday I had completed all the blocks languishing on my sewing table.  So, I pulled something from the closet (something I posted about last fall).  The top has three sets of borders - I'm half done!!!  My stretch goal is completed top and back - one more ready for quilting!
Picture of an antique quilt vendor from Paducah 2010 (with vendor's permission).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Indulging the Quilt Muse

I have the best part of three days to myself.  Granted, there are some time obligations, but the majority of the calendar is open.  I'm opting to fill those hours sewing.  Anybody else planning on indulging their quilt muse this weekend?  If so, leave a comment!  If you're so inclined, email me Monday afternoon with your progress.  I'll post a role call of accomplishments on Monday night.