Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where's the Willpower?

I caved!  I resisted Lucy's Jacok when she first posted.  Then, last weekend I was catching up on my blog list, and saw Keryn's completed top.  Too much for me - I caved!  Each block finishes at 9" which adds to the quilt's visual draw.  I thought about downscaling (cause I like little blocks), but decided against it.  Bonus for me - the 4 patch strip size matches the 9 patch for the Martz quilt I posted about recently, so I'm getting double duty from the dark strips.

The fabric the 9 patch blocks are laying on is from Blue Hill Fabrics - Sara's Stash.  I picked it up at Whittle's on the trip to Florida.  They aren't far off I-65 in Kentucky.  I also stopped at the Speed Art Museum's exhibit of the Bingham-Miller collection in Louisville (sidebar).  Great diversion for a day in the car.

If you're following my Featherweight drama, no resolution yet.  I'm using my mom's 1951 Singer 15-91 portable machine - beautiful stitch, but the thing weighs a ton.  Portable? - I don't think so!  

I just pulled my bed quilt from the dryer, so a good time to post pics.  Shadow, my old black cat, lays on the quilt every night, so I don't want to change out my bed quilt for something that suits me better.  This quilt was made for an on-line Labor Day quilt retreat years ago.  I wasn't fond of the top until it was machine quilted by Fat Quarter Quilt Farm - Susan's stitching art made me love the quilt.  The border picture is the closest to actual color. 

center section


back (flipped over)

The last thing I have to share is a recently inherited (unfortunately, but not my Grandma - she's been gone for years) needlepoint picture made by my Grandma Flo.  I remember visiting with her in the backyard while she worked on this piece.  The yarns were so close in shade, she worked in natural sunlight to follow the color chart.  The camera won't render a sharp image due to the needlepoint texture.  It will find a spot of honor to remind me of my Grandma every day.                              

Monday, July 25, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Here is the finished porch quilt top. I am pretty happy with it. Nearly all of the fabric was in the stash, but for the sashing. There was only one yard, and, of course, it was my favorite of all that I auditioned. Thought that I would take a chance online, and Main Street Quilts had just under two yards left, so you know I snagged it all! The top evolved from leftover 9 patchs, blue and white brick leftovers from Bonnie's Texas Braid, and the desire to make something for the porch. Blue with gray is very New England summer to me, and I like the combination.Detail shot. So much fun to just start sewing, and allow the quilt to make itself.

These blocks are the leaders and enders for my other leader and ender 4 patchs! The centers were a charm pack giveaway from the generous Kathie from . The corner triangles are extras from my Christmas Cracker quilt. The strips are, again, from the Texas Braid. These blocks may just be a backing for an unknown quilt in my future. It will be curious to see how many quilts that never would have been can be sewn from all of my overcutting.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation's Over

There was a little sewing going on during vacation - there would have been alot more if I hadn't pulled the table out from under the featherweight!  Damage was done, but hubby assures me he can fix it 'as good as new'.  Girls (Lexie - 9 and Elle - 10) decided on a snuggle quilt - 12 '9 patch' blocks each.  I purchased a jelly roll of a line I thought they'd like (better than my favorite repro stash) - it worked out well.  I did alot of cutting, pinning, and trimming and they did a little sewing.  We'll pick back up next vacation when the machine is feeling better.  They did a great job and had alot of fun. 

I don't have much to share on my own progress (nada progress!), so I'm sharing some photos from John Sauls' Antiques taken at Houston show last year - beautiful display and gracious vendor!  I don't have access to a photo editor, so please excuse the picture quality.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm Serious About This One...

This was my favorite quilt from the exhibit in Indianapolis. I have every good intention of making my own version of this dynamic quilt. The vibrant red fabric used in the side triangles, and outer border really grabbed my attention.
When I saw the online swatchs of the new Crossroads to Texas line by Betsy Chutchian, there was a perfect, equally striking bold print on deep blue. So, mine won't be a replica, but I hope to do it justice!Fun description of this quilt...Block measurement... Border measurement...When the fabric arrives, I'll be good to sew!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bye, Bye, Blackbird

When life gets a tad trying, I retreat by planning a new project - browsing thru quilt books, calculating yardage, auditioning fabric...  I 'pack up all my care and woe' and fill my head with new possibilities.  Quilts of Virginia 1607 - 1899  traveled with me last week.  I was drawn to the 'Martz Quilt', dated 1838, on pg 75.  It's a simple quilt, but very pleasing to the eye.  Things are still in the sample stage (and it doesn't look like much just yet), but I'm nearing some decisions.  I don't mind having alot of 'projects in flight' - I need the visual reminder.  

Janet asked about the quilt in the blog header.  The quilt was on exhibit at the Chicago International Quilt Festival in 2010.  I call it 'Eagles and Roses'. 

My four grandchildren (from two families) are visiting next week.  The girls (9 and 10) want to make doll quilts.  Can't wait!