Sunday, May 20, 2012

Antique Quilt Exhibits

The Rotary Club Antique Quilt exhibit was the highlight of my Paducah visit.  'Eagles, Stars & Bars', curated by Pat and Arlan Christ, was a wonderful selection of patriotic quilts spanning 120 years (c1830 thru c1950).  I've seen the Ocean Wave quilt, c1876, quilt in print, but what a thrill to stand in front of it.  The quilt is from Berks County, PA (dimensions 83 x 92).

The seaweed background fabric in the Bethlehem Star quilt, c1840, was striking.  This quilt was collected in PA and has a front-to-back rolled binding on a double pink background (wouldn't you love to see the back!) - measures 100 x 104.

The Star Quilt, c1870 originated in PA.  It's hand pieced with a plain backing and back-to-front rolled binding (88 x 89).

Broken Star, c 1930, was collected in OH.  It is machined pieced with a plain backing (78 x 78).

Yesterday was Mother's Day for me.  I visited the Elizabeth Richardson Quilt Gallery (see sidebar 'Items of Interst in the Midwest') in Bowling Green, KY and then shopped at Whittles 'brick and mortar'!  I expected the quilts to be mid 20th century with a few 19th century examples.  The exhibit so exceeded my expectations!  If you're close by, be sure to stop.  No photos allowed, but check out the pics of the opening -

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Antique Mall

Lots going on around my house lately, but a couple of weeks ago I did manage a little antiqueing.  These were the only two quilts at the mall, but I thought they were photo worthy!  I apologize for the brief post - sometimes life gets in the way, doesn't it?