Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Triangle Shirtwaist Exhibit & Two Color Quilts

While in New York to see the quilt shows last month, the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire took place. The fire cost the lives of many young women working at the factory, and ushered in many of the reforms that we still enjoy today. Around the corner from the Empire Guild Show, at the Fashion Institute of Technology, an exhibit was held to commemorate the anniversary.
I took this photo because of the quote at the bottom of the page - "You could touch the sorrow in the air".

Quite unusual, and modern, wouldn't you say? The displays were made of paper, and, if you look closely, the detail really depicts that day.

The burnt cloth of the skirt. The names of the victims, on the spiral at left. On the back wall, the women preparing to jump to escape the flames. I've read a couple of books involving the fire, and was, at first, surprised by the modern approach to the exhibit, but it was a solemn tribute to the women who perished that day.

On a lighter note, I have been thinking about the red and white quilts (who hasn't?!), and remembered that I had made a doll quilt of red and white sailboats. Both of the solids used are vintage pieces, as is the bias binding. Here is a little redwork piece that I bought online. I am not certain of it's intended use, but it works perfectly as a little sheet for one of my doll beds!Here is another two color quilt, using a great cheddar solid. I really quilted the heck out of this, didn't I?

The last doll quilt has a little story. I was at an auction, which used to be a frequent event for me, and there was a doll quilt made of a cadet printed with little stars, and a heavier, almost sacking type material. Well, it went for more than I cared to spend, so I went home, and made a copy of it for myself, of similar fabrics, and machine quilted it simply. It looks nearly identical to the one that brought the big bucks!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

NYC Wrap Up

I wish I had a new red and white project to show you - so many ideas spinning in my head.  I've done some planning and figuring inspired by one of my favorites from Infinite Variety, but stash yardage is short and time even shorter!  So, I'm sharing the last of my favorite non Red and White photos.  The quilts might be repeats from other blogs, but they're my favorites.  These quilts are from the Amercan Folk Art Museum exhibit.  The Amish quilts were behind glass, so close-up shots won't do, but I love this shot from the floor above.  

The star quilt is circa 1860 - 1900 from Geneva, New York.

  At left is a close-up of the Slashed Star quilt (dated 1872 from Lancaster, PA), a variation of Mariner's Compass.  I love the border on the quilt at right. - no info on this quilt due to bad photo.

This last quilt (again no details due to bad photo) is perfect for a spring post!

Isn't this entryway great!

Jan and I love libraries.  We visited the main branch (built in 1911) on 42nd St on our first afternoon.   We planned to go back for one of the guided tours, but quilts took precedence.  Jan recommended a great book - Time and Again by Jack Finney - set in NYC in both 1970 and 1882 .  Part of the plot takes place at  the Dakota on the edge of Central Park, which we visited.  I just finished the book and really enjoyed visualizing the city.  Thanks Jan!

Finally, the Chrysler Building.  It was a great trip!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Museum of American Folk Art

Other bloggers have shared their photos of the magnificent Red and White Exhibit held in New York City last week. I am still editing mine, and, unfortunately, deleting quite a few that were blurry. Thank goodness there will be a book in the future! I thought that I would share a few pictures from the Museum of American Folk Art, who hosted all three exhibits of quilts. These were taken at the main Museum. I love doll quilts, and these were charming, as was the little bed. Vicki and I wanted to fold back the hexagon to get a better look at the middle quilt!

This sunflower quilt was beautiful, and the close-ups of the fabric came out quite well. Excuse the blurriness of this shot...

Enlarge this one! I plan to share some other pics from the week spent in NYC in future posts. I can't add to the already glowing reports, except to say that I can't imagine that I'll ever forget those red and white quilts, and the way in which they were displayed. I know that I have even dreamed of them!

It was wonderful to meet fellow bloggers, and put faces to names, in some cases. I feel like it was quilter's Woodstock! We can all say that we were there for the quilting event of the new century!