Sunday, November 28, 2010

Three Fabric Quilt

I like scrappy quilts - lots of variety in fabric.  Making a quilt with just three fabrics doesn't fit my profile.  My current project is inspired by an old quilt I saw a couple years ago.  I worked out yardage requirements before I visited PA Amish country this fall.  Sauder's didn't disappoint!  I found two Judie Rothermel fabrics - the green Twelve Oakes yardage in a 5 yd cut for $1.99/yd and the yellow Butter Churn and Cheddar for $2.99/yd.  The red Turkish and Treasures was pulled from stash.  The block is #2026, New Irish Chain or On the Square, from Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman.  I've changed the block construction for strip piecing, so progress is moving along!  

I've had alot of 'sitting idle' lately.  I've used the time to design a new, scrappy top!  Haven't started sewing, but I've included the focus fabric to peak your interest - an 'oldie but goodie' from the Sarah Johnson Shelburne Museum Collection.

Hope you all enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Where has this year gone?! It really is hard to believe that it's time for Thanksgiving. I've never displayed this quilt before. It was made from a kit, and I purchased it at an auction for $30. It isn't a beauty, and the quilting is fairly crude, but it has slightly Fall-ish colors, so up it went for the next week or so. After that, it will be time for Christmas again - is that right, or did I sleep through the summer?! The tablerunner was whipped up a couple of years ago using Seminole piecing methods - great for squares on point. I've only made a few quilted items, as I really prefer to make quilts themselves. This is on the chest that sits in front of the quilt. You can probably see the stitches without enlarging!
The handsome devils in the photos are, in the background, my great-grandfather in his Civil War uniform. Yes, great-grandfather! Our family has very long generations. I am the youngest of parents who are the youngest. And, no, I am not that old - I'll be 52 shortly. On the left is my dad, and the blond little boy is my husband's dad. My husband doesn't like personal photos displayed; he says that we know what we look like! But, these are nearly always right here in the dining room.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Houston, We Have a Problem

Only one day to enjoy the show!  The vendors alone could take a day.  Life has 'smacked me in the face' this week, so only popping in to share a few of my favorite contemporary quilts from the show.

Sunflowers by Chris Serong and Susan Campbell from Victoria, AU - beautiful quilting!

Port of Cassis by Lenore Crawford from Midland, MI

Sognare Venezia (Venice Dreaming) by Pauline Barnes from West Midlands, England

Rhinosceros by Pam Holland.  Unfortunately, my full quilt pic had issues.  I just love this guy's face!