Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big Wheels Keep on Turning

August has been a busy work travel month for me.  The last two trips offered some quilt related 'off hours' activity.  I visited two quilts shops in the Atlanta area - Sweet Home Quilt Co. and Little Quilts.  Both shops graciously allowed pictures for blog posting.

Sweet Home Quilt Co.  (Hi, Melisa!) - I don't think you'll find a more inviting quilt shop.  Wouldn't you love to 'sit and stitch' on this porch?  The shop displays are charming - great tumbler quilt!

Little Quilts specializes in reproductions and is 'filled to the brim' with samples.

My trip to New Jersey last week was quite exciting - two major Mother Nature events!  The earthquake was a unique workshop distraction (including swinging window blinds).  I delayed my flight out until Saturday to take in the Maine quilt exhibit at the Lowell Quilt Museum.  Couldn't get much closer to Irene impact - I was on the last United flight leaving Hartford, CT last night - the Indiana sunshine is looking mighty fine today!  No quilt pictures allowed at the exhibit, but lots of scribbled notes taken.  I think there might be a crib and doll quilt added to my list.  Wouldn't this be the perfect quilt shop - only a block from the museum!

So, with all the travel this month, not much sewing going on.  But, Labor Day weekend plans have changed and I'm planning on a sewing retreat!  Looking back at last year's post, this is a welcomed repeat.  Anybody interested in joining me?  If you've read to the end of this travelogue and you want to sew-along, send me an email and I'll post progress over the weekend.  If not, I'll sew alone - off to do some planning! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ugly Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

There has been quite a lot written about the use of ugly fabrics on quilting blogs of late. Tonya's ( Lego top that she has been making; Lynn's most recent post on Of course, Bonnie Hunter is famous for using uglies along with pretties in her quilts to fabulous effect. This top was made from her Scrappy Bargello pattern using only my ugliest fabrics. I downsized the pattern to use 2 inch strips instead of 2.5 inch strips hoping to downplay the true ugliness of the fabrics. As Bonnie says, "If it's still ugly, you just didn't cut it small enough"! I must not have cut these strips quite small enough. I am being brave and giving you all views!

At least the old iron bed, and the room are pretty!

I couldn't possibly take a flattering photo of this top as you will see in these close-ups.

How about that peachy fabric? You just can't get peach quilting fabric anymore, can you? Good thing.

Green marbled next to the brown woodsy print - if you've been quilting long enough, you had some of that in your stash, I'll bet.Silver metallic fountain pens next to brown clouds. Brown clouds?!

Yet more ugly. I am amazed at some of the fabric designs that are produced, and even more so that so many of them ended up in my stash!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

Pulling together random thoughts for this post.  The first is a finish!  This quilt was started at Beaver Island Quilt Retreat - strippy theme.  The quilt doesn't look like a vertical strip quilt, but that's how the quilt was constructed (corner close-up at left).  After much debate on quilting, we decided stippling would be best - machine quilted by Anne Spiotta from Blue House Quilting.  I'm really happy with the result.  The pics of the front and back are a little blurry and not true to color (quilt is much darker), but wearing out my welcome with the holder.

(edit) The quilt has been complaining that the pic above 'adds ten pounds', so I'm including a better image. 
Jan and I visited the LaPorte Co. Historical Society quilt exhibit in June.  There were a number of nice quilts displayed - some well loved.  This Lone Star greeted you as you walked in the door.

One of our favorites was the folded cradle quilt .  The coverlet on the bed was very nice, too.

The museum had a large collection of 'invalid' cups.  I haven't run across these before.  The cups were used before drinking straws to feed soft foods and liquids to infants and patients.  They were offered as an accessory piece to many china sets.  There is an elongated spout opposite the handle topped by a lip to contain the liquid when the cup is tipped.

I had to be in San Francisco for two consecutive weeks for work, so I stayed thru the week-end.  This was my first opportunity to sight see in San Fran.  I did alot of walking and took lots of pictures of beautiful old homes.  I visited two yarn shops, but no quilt shops.  I'm including two of my favorite pics - the famous Painted Ladies and Lombard St.

Last pic is from my flower garden - swallowtail butterfly on the flowering Bethany.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fabric Cleanout/Bloomington Pics

The temperature in the sewing room hasn't been condusive to productivity lately, but a couple of nights ago, I somehow started going through the green stash. So many of these really don't have any good purpose for reproduction quilts. I suppose that some of the darker ones would be good for appliqueing leaves or vines, but I'm not sure that they would be selected if I had a project like that going. I think these are going to be relocated to the storage boxes that house the fabric for donation quilts. A few of them did have a nice reverse side of solid greens that I liked. So they survived the cull.

Well, I wouldn't leave you hanging without some eye candy! Here are two of my favorites of the Bloomington Star Exhibit that Vicki and I attended.

Lizzie Borden's family quilt inspired this one.

Love this pillar print, and don't you know that I just happened to find a great fabric to reproduce this reproduction! Add yet another one to the list!
This one has the zigzag edge that I love so much, and a great, sharp yellow to grab your attention.

These, as well as the others in the exhibit, are reproductions of antique quilts done in a crib quilt size.