Thursday, December 27, 2012

Luscious Log Cabin

Look at this beautiful antique log cabin waiting for adoption at the antique mall in my hometown.  I didn't have a ruler with me, but I think the logs are 1/4".  It's a top, so the block backing is visible - foundation pieced.  Some of the fabrics are shredding, but what a beauty!  The brights look like silks.  There is an embroidered name on one of the logs (picture at left).  You never know what you'll find.

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shipshewana Retreat

Vicki and I spied this block at Rebecca Haarer's shop in Shipshewana this past weekend.  The sales clerk graciously opened the quilt, and put it on the bed for us to explore.
Pretty cool, right?  The quilt hanging behind the bed is great, too.

At Yoder's, this 30's repro placemat caught my eye.  So did the tea cozy design.

We had a wonderful time shopping on Friday, sewing on Saturday and Sunday, and we squeezed in a bit more sewing on Monday morning before heading for home.  I'll share what I worked on in my next post.   It should be finished up by then, in between baking, and wrapping gifts.  I'm still waiting for a present to arrive, and it's a fun one, too.  I called today, and it hasn't even shipped yet!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flying Geese

A few posts ago I mentioned that I like to work on Flying Geese blocks in the Fall.  The migrating flocks always remind me of quilts.  So, Cheri's Three Little Quilts was the perfect weekend project.  I cut the flying geese parts from scrap strips during the week and then enjoyed the weekend pulling the little quilts together.  Thanks, Cheri, for the inspiration!

Jan and I are planning on alot of sewing next weekend.  I'm working on a couple UFO's and one new project.  I was looking thru the state books to find a quilt similar to the Thaddeus Stevens quilt from Lincoln and found a quilt in Arkansas Quilts that jumped to the top of my list.  I haven't started a new quilt in quite awhile (I'm not saying I haven't added to the list). 

I'm in the process of sewing on a quilt binding, so I'll have a finished quilt to share soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Zigzags, and streak of lightening quilts are on my (very long) favorites list.  When I saw Sujata's zigzag, I just couldn't get it out of my mind - oh, the possibilities!  The plan for these blocks, that I just completed today, are to add a border and use it as a backing.  Vicki has been making pieced backs for some time, and, it is such a smart idea (2 for1!), that it was time to try my hand at it.  This pattern would work in any combination of fabrics, and there are many examples on other blogs.  Wouldn't it make a great Halloween quilt?  It just makes me want to start another!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pine Ridge Quilter's '25 Days of Christmas'

Laura from Pine Ridge Quilter is doing the '25 Days of Christmas' again this year!  Woo Hoo!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Life is good - the sun has been shining on me!  In October, I visited the Texas Quilt Museum with my daughter and granddaughter.  The current exhibit, "Celebrating Great Quilts", includes antique quilts from the International Quilt Festival Collection.  My granddaughter, 11,  was the featured guest of the day.  She was asked whether she preferred new or antique quilts.  She replied, "Antique quilts because they tell a story."  That's my girl! 

A couple weeks later I attended the Houston Quilt Show.  Antique quilts from the International Quilt Festival Collection were also on display at Houston (block above).  It was quite a weekend.  I had a quilt accepted to the 'In the American Tradition' exhibit.  It was a wonderful experience.  My quilt was included in show exhibit PR and was displayed at the end of the row.

That put a smile on my face until .... I spent 14 hours in Trauma 1 ER advocating for a friend.  We missed a night's sleep, but with the help of some pain meds and antibiotics, we powered thru.

The next weekend I attended the Colonial Williamsburg Quilt Conference.  The weather was sunny and there was alot to see.  I missed getting a spot on the DAR trip, but check out Barbara Brackman's post on the DAR and the Baltimore Album quilts on display at the Williamsburg DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum. 

This quilt (1800- 1820) was also on display at the museum. It is a whole cloth quilt made from handerchief yardage which was meant to be cut apart and hemmed.

I wandered through an antique mall on my drive back to North Carolina.  This sweet crib quilt caught my eye, but didn't come home with me.

I stopped at Bacon's Castleeven though I knew the property was closed on Monday's.  The plantation was built in 1665 and owned by the Allen family until 1844.  The family was briefly driven from their home in 1676 by the Bacon Rebellion.  There was renovation work going on, but I was graciously treated to a personal mini tour.  

Being a nothern girl and a quilter, I've been interested to watch the cotton crop mature.  It's harvest season and the shoulder of the road looks like wisps of batting have been blowing. 
Check out the Primitive Christmas Blog Hop hosted by Primitive Pieces by Lynda starting Monday, November 26!

H A P P Y   T H A N K S G I V I N G

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mountain Trail

Mountain Trails little quilt top is completed.  I reduced Lori's pattern from 20 to 12 blocks.  This is a more usable size for my doll beds.  Lots of fun to sew, even though I had to work on my 1/4" a bit due to cutting lengths of strips beforehand.  This is a method I've not used before, and it certainly creates accuracy.   I've been on a doll, or little, quilt roll lately, and many other bloggers appear to be also.  Thanks for another fun quilt-along, Lori!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm Back

I've been missing from posting lately for a number of reasons.  Thanks to Vicki for picking up the slack with some great posts!
This bluework block was an Ebay purchase this summer - she is blue, and she is reading, which makes her nearly perfect in my eyes.
I made a few doll quilt tops, too.  This one was from Cheri Payne's wonderful blog, , where Cheri shares quilt alongs every month.  I haven't seen one that I don't like!
The next three are ones that came to be from just messin' around.
I thought it would be fun to save the last scrap of favorite fabrics by featuring them in doll quilts.  The pink and green piece was the starting point in the first one.  I thought it would be fun to hand quilt it as if it were a block, hence the white markings.
The blue medallion center fabric was also the last piece.  Not sure of how I would like to quilt it, but am thinking of freehand lines.

Finally, this one is leftover bricks, scraps, and a string.
These were all sewn in stolen moments when there wasn't time, or inclination, to sew anything larger, or that required anything other than just playing with fabric.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Catch Up II

Me again - Blogger and Jan have been having words, so I'm sneaking in for a post.  We had a wonderful time in Elk Rapids, MI at Gwen's retreat - it's been about five years since we've made the trip.  Mother Nature blessed us with a sampler of weather - sunny warm temps to driving rain.  We visited favorite haunts and made new acquaintances.  The Elk Rapids Library is an idyllic spot on the edge of Lake Michigan.  It's filled with servicable antique chairs and tables and a wonderful sun porch overlooking Lake Michigan with a jigsaw puzzle scattered on an antique oak table waiting for attention.  We always find treasures in the basesment booksale room.  I'll miss the Elk Rapids Library!  Another favorite haunt is McLean and Eakin independant bookstore in Petoskey - love to explore the 'staff pick' section.  Bowties were my leader-ender project.  I added a nice group to my total.  I'm getting close to the target number to complete this top - Woo Hoo!

Liberated Medallions was the retreat topic.  Spending time with Gwen is a gift!  Jan was a 'smart cookie' and brought projects-in-flight.  I, on the other hand, added one more to the in-flight total.  I worked in solids, which I've collected over the years but have been hesitant to tackle.  My progress doesn't look impressive (since I made the star segments in advance), but those Y seams ain't easy.  The next border will be 'Corn and Beans' (making a zigzag around the center), but the scale of the two border blocks pictured is off - the blocks in the pic are 6 3/4" and the rescale is 4.5" (I think - need to recalculate).  The background of the center is an 'attention' color, but I plan to surround it with saturated darks.  I think the piece is successful because DH's comment was, "It doesn't look like you."

I always want to sew large Flying Geese at this time of year even though I have no project in mind.  Today I made a 6 x 3 sample.  I used the quick piecing method (1 large square for nose and 4 smaller squares for wings).  Considering the large size, I think I'll use the waste method and save the throw aways for a doll or crib quilt.  I'm thinking the Flying Geese will make a great back!

I've done a little seasonal decorating this weekend - Autumn is my favorite time of year.  Enjoy this beautiful season! 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catch Up

I've been absent from home for a couple weeks, so I've enjoyed the weekend catching up.  I've made some bowtie blocks to add to the group exchange blocks I posted about last time.  These were made from stash strips - fun to 'make something work'.  I need about 40 more.  What about that stripe bowtie in the bottom row - couldn't have made those stripes match better if I tried (and I didn't)!  This isn't the setting for my quilt, but the green background fabric was a recent purchase for a basket quilt that's on my list.

I was on a tri-state road trip last weekend to attend a fabric study day.  I detoured to Bowling Green, KY to visit the Elizabeth Richardson exhibit again with a friend - WONDERFUL!!!  I'm planning on stopping again on the winter drive to Florida.  If you're in the area, stop in.  The trip included a visit toWhittle's -  two bags full, please.  Do you notice a few solids in there?  Jan and I are headed to Michigan in a couple weeks for Gwen's Liberated Medallion retreat.  I'm taking only solids to work with - it will be a stretch.

My stash booty is resting on a quilt back (blog post here) that's been accepted to 'In the American Tradition' exhibit for the International Quilt Festival 2012-13 schedule (premiering in Houston at Quilt Market) - YEA ME! I'm attaching the sleeve and label and sending off by the end of the month.  

I won two antique block silent auctions at the fabric study day.  The 9 patch blocks will be used to build doll quilts around - medallion style.  Don't have a clue to design, but seems like a fun 'snow in' challenge.
I'm in love with the indigo basket blocks (I'm thinking 1870's or so) - 24 blocks with shirtings (two are very thin and might need a lining fabric for support).  They are dirty and smelly, but I've started the cleaning process, one-by-one in case the indigo bleeds - no problems yet.  I'm on block four.  They  are pretty wonky; but, like I said, I'm in love.  I'll just whack them, ignoring handle points.  

So, that's my 'catch up'.  I didn't start on the red and white, but it's on the list.  Don't spend your Sunday morning following breadcrumbs on the web.  It will just add to your 'to do' list  and necessitate the purchase of colored pencils to investigate possibilities!   

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Olympic piecing marathon underway in blogland?  The gun has sounded in NW IN.   Finished piecing center of mid 1850 pinwheel inspired by Elizabeth Richardson exhibit - disappointing.  This top has been put in time-out - what I see on the design wall looks a bit boring.  I'll let this one sit for awhile.  

I've pulled out a top started in January at our little quilt retreat in Shipshe.  Jan helped me work thru design decisions - sometimes the quilt you see in your mind doesn't translate to the design wall.  This top is using bowties exchanged in our old sewing group.

I've also pre-washed fabric purchased for a wall hanging of one of my favorite NYC Red and White quilts -

pre-washing and drafting complete.  I have plenty to keep me occupied while rooting on the USA!

Jan and I had a wonderful NYC visit.  Wish I could spend hours exploring the library!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quilt Encounters

Jan and I attended the Shipshewana Quilt Festival in June.  Our visit included a lecture/trunk show by Rebecca Haarer on Amish quilts and a stop at the Goshen College Good Library antique quilt exhibit, Quilts from the Permanent Collection.  The gallery is tucked away in the library basement - we had the exhibit to ourselves. 

The trip included an overnight stay, so I brought along some of my Amish quilt books.  I kept returning to the crib quilt on pg 92 from Amish Crib Quilts from he Midwest: The Sara Miller Collection.  I looked for the perfect tomato red solid at Yoder's, but couldn't find the right color.  That's because the fabric match was in my stash!  The perfect border fabric was also in stash, but not enough yardage - will have to keep shopping - darn!

Update:  This morning was my first opportunity to surf the net in a few weeks.  It was the start to my belated birthday.  Serendipity - followed breadcrumbs to Quilts and Pieces blog and found a few posts about an antique quilt exhibit featuring cheddar - today was the last day for the exhibit.  It was worth the drive!  Quilts and Pieces has great pictures, so check out the exhibit on her blog - post one, post two, post three.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pair of Doll Quilts

Here are my two recent finished doll quilts.  The green one is true in color, but I don't know what happened to the one patch of squares.  Yikes, this one is so much brighter, and not nearly so yellow as it appears.  Anyway, there is a little surprise in the latter - a tiny four patch.  I'm hoping to complete the quilting on many of my already basted, and ready to quilt, doll quilt tops.  They are really a joy to hand quilt - nearly instant gratification, and a fun summer project, I think.  Easily portable to work on on the porch, inside while "watching" tv, at a sew-in with a friend.  I just love everything about them, and hope to hang some on a wall in a spare bedroom.   For now, I do enjoy just looking through the growing stack of little quilts.  Are you on the doll quilt bandwagon yet?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How About this Piece of Fabulous?

This caught my eye on Ebay.  It looked like it would make a nice little tree skirt for a feather-type tabletop tree.  I'm enjoying it now on my kitchen table for a while, though.  Did you notice that the center is a seven-pointed star?!  I didn't until it arrived, and I really studied it.  That makes it even more fun, I think.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Taryn at Repro Quilt Lover is giving away two copies of New Discoveries in American Quilts.  I thought the cover looked familar, so I checked the bookshelf.  Yep, there was a copy sitting on the shelf waiting patiently for some attention.  The doll quilt on pg 109 caught my eye and was a great diversion from trimming hst. My constant alternate fabric reads a little stronger than the antique quilt, but a pretty close copy.

Thanks, Taryn, for the intermission!  Now back to hst!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Finally, Some Piecing!

There's been alot of antique quilt inspiration for me lately.  Long dry spell with no sewing, but a quilt from the Elizabeth Richardson quilt exhibit in Bowling Green, KY inspired me to ignore the long list of 'projects in flight'.  My garbled notes needed to be deciphered quickly while still fresh in my mind's eye.  It's been refreshing moving out of my Civil War repro comfort zone - the antique quilt is c 1840.  Fun digging thru stash to find fabric appropriate to the time period - I seldom use solids (and never muslin). 
The quilt has a deep mid-scale border and I found the perfect fabric at Whittle's not one hour after leaving the exhibit.  The time period of the border fabric is later (1876), but the color and scale are a match.  The constant alternate was from stash - Judie Rothermel Old Sturbridge Village Collection.  I'm half done with the pinwheels!


Jan and I visited the Quilter's Hall of Fame in Marion, IN to see the antique PA quilts from the collection of Pat and Arlan Christ. 

What a wonderful border on this quilt, c 1890, from the Kreider Estate of Lancaster Co.

And look at this backing fabric!  I'll take six yards, please.

This crib quilt, Sunbonnet Lassies made by Marie Webster, was featured in Ladies Home Journal, Aug. 1912.  It was inspired by the Sunbonnet Babies book illustrations by Bertha Corbett.  The quilting includes picket fences and flying birds. 

Hope there's alot of quilt inspiration influencing you!