Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting Chilly

Here in the Midwest, I woke up to 49 degrees. My house was only at 62 degrees. I know that it will be much colder before too long, but these nippy mornings come as bit of a shock until I adjust to it. Time to get out my favorite napping quilt. A quilt of this pattern was on the wall of a quilt shop about five years ago. I took some quick notes, and went home to make it. One of my favorite color combos is blue and brown, and since it was to be a quilt for me, that's what I ran with. Susan Atwell quilted it for me. I asked her to do something organic in the snowball block. This is what she did - kind of a free-form flower. I really like it, and the quilt is nice and snuggly; plenty long enough to tuck under toes, and plenty wide enough to wrap, and tuck around me. It will be getting some heavy duty use in the next few months.


antique quilter said...

great quilt and I LOVE how she quilted it

ah yes it is getting chilly here in NJ too but I rather like it
fall is my favorite time of the year...give me the colors and the crisp air the fall brings any day!

Lori said...

Very lovely! And the quilting really enhances the wonderful pattern.
I've brought out our snuggly quilts too.It is supposed to get down to the twenties this week...brrrr....