Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wrap Up

I've been doing a little reflecting on my 'quilt year'.  The highlight for me this year was the NYC trip for the Red and White Exhibit.  Thanks, Jan, for being my traveling buddy!  I'm so glad to have visited the American Folk Art Museum before the closing of the main facility.  I've picked a few pictures from the trip to share. 

This Whig Rose (circa 1838) was exhibited at the main AFAM facility.


This Cactus Rose block (circa 1855 - 1865) was exhibited in the Lincoln Center AFAM facility.  This piece was the gift of Irwin Nelson in honor of Robert Bishop
And the Red and White - what an amazing display!

So, snuggle in and rest up to meet the New Year. 

AFAM Doll Quilts - gifts of Frances Rasmussen in memory of her daughter, Cathyann.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cheer!

Here are a few projects from Christmas' past.

The poinsettia felted wool pincushion was a gift from a sewing buddy.

This tree was my fabric rendition of a paper foldout made by my daughter, Amy in first grade. I traced around it onto the green fabric, and placed the decorations where she had. Her ornaments were of paper, and her garland was drawn on. I embroidered the garland, and used buttons and little fabric berries.

Poor Frosty hasn't found a home here for the past few years. I just get him out and look at him!

I've made a bit of progress on my Irish Chain, but not much!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old Friends

Cinderella has always been my favorite Disney film.  I've shared Christmas with Gus and Jaq for many years - they were a 'fun meal' treat one Christmas season when my kids were small.  We were shopping one evening and stopped at McDonald's for a quick dinner.  After all these years, I still remember that evening - the teenage server let me have one of each ornament even though they were supposed to be dispersed on alternate weeks.  I was grateful that he bent the rules for me (and I still am)!  I've passed many of our family ornaments to my kids (with families of their own), but the Cinderella mice stay with me.  They always coax a smile when I unpack them from the ornament box (and I'm a little sad to wrap them up on New Year's Day).  

We took a road trip to Austin over Thanksgiving - it's a longggg trip.  Hubby was a good sport and stopped at Common Threads on the way home (even though we still had 20 hours of road time ahead).  They were having a great sale - lots of bolts at 50% off.  I had too much fun!

And to add to the damage, I placed on on-line order just before we left.  I've noticed a change in my fabric buying lately - I'm adding more lights to the stash.  I tend to gravitate to mediums and darks. 

The top fabric is the butterscotch version of the fabric I purchased about a month ago in a faded rose color (Jo Morton Complements by Andover).  I had a hard time deciding between the two colors in the quilt shop.  Lucky me!  I found the butterscotch on sale on the web.

There is some sewing going on at my house (between holiday prep and my 'day job') - sewing the binding on a bed quilt and working on the Twinkling Pinwheels (think I've settled on a game plan for this one).

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!  I know it's a little early, but 'just in cases' (Love Actually).  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Forgotten Quilts

While going through the linen closet for holiday quilts, I came across this top, and thought that I would give it a quick look. It was my original design, and the top was sewn in the mid-1990's.

Perhaps I wouldn't choose these exact fabrics today, but I do like the effect. This one just may go in the to-be-quilted pile. The plaid backing fabric was folded up next to the top, and it measures out to be enough. Maybe I will look into a strippy backing for this instead, although I don't think I would have a use for the plaid elsewhere.

Anna's Choice is a flannel quilt that is also of the same vintage. It is even tied! There had been another flannel quilt on this sofa, but Murray, who longed to be in this post, as you can see, nested a bit too much into that quilt. It developed a hole, and then another, and soon there just wasn't enough quilt left to use. Here is the culprit, and my companion, Murray. He doesn't photograph too well because of being so dark. Althought, at seven, he is developing white hair, and his chin is quite gray. He is the best dog I have ever had, and has been quite patiently awaiting his introduction on the blogosphere. His photo was taken in my sewing room, and, yes, being a toy poodle, he is not afraid of his feminine side, and loves his pink quilt - which I did not make. This one has sustained no damage; of course!

Again, while pulling out seasonal items, this time in the coat closet, I came across this, one and only, crocheted item that I ever completed. It was made from some yarn that I found in Colorado while visiting my brother, probably twenty years ago. Just the most basic crochet stitch was used, and I don't think that I even remember how to do that now!