Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catch Up

I've been absent from home for a couple weeks, so I've enjoyed the weekend catching up.  I've made some bowtie blocks to add to the group exchange blocks I posted about last time.  These were made from stash strips - fun to 'make something work'.  I need about 40 more.  What about that stripe bowtie in the bottom row - couldn't have made those stripes match better if I tried (and I didn't)!  This isn't the setting for my quilt, but the green background fabric was a recent purchase for a basket quilt that's on my list.

I was on a tri-state road trip last weekend to attend a fabric study day.  I detoured to Bowling Green, KY to visit the Elizabeth Richardson exhibit again with a friend - WONDERFUL!!!  I'm planning on stopping again on the winter drive to Florida.  If you're in the area, stop in.  The trip included a visit toWhittle's -  two bags full, please.  Do you notice a few solids in there?  Jan and I are headed to Michigan in a couple weeks for Gwen's Liberated Medallion retreat.  I'm taking only solids to work with - it will be a stretch.

My stash booty is resting on a quilt back (blog post here) that's been accepted to 'In the American Tradition' exhibit for the International Quilt Festival 2012-13 schedule (premiering in Houston at Quilt Market) - YEA ME! I'm attaching the sleeve and label and sending off by the end of the month.  

I won two antique block silent auctions at the fabric study day.  The 9 patch blocks will be used to build doll quilts around - medallion style.  Don't have a clue to design, but seems like a fun 'snow in' challenge.
I'm in love with the indigo basket blocks (I'm thinking 1870's or so) - 24 blocks with shirtings (two are very thin and might need a lining fabric for support).  They are dirty and smelly, but I've started the cleaning process, one-by-one in case the indigo bleeds - no problems yet.  I'm on block four.  They  are pretty wonky; but, like I said, I'm in love.  I'll just whack them, ignoring handle points.  

So, that's my 'catch up'.  I didn't start on the red and white, but it's on the list.  Don't spend your Sunday morning following breadcrumbs on the web.  It will just add to your 'to do' list  and necessitate the purchase of colored pencils to investigate possibilities!