Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's the Point...

of this post?  I'm late in chatting with you, but I'm in Atlanta where the pollen count is over 9,000 - yikes!  So, I'm kinda draggy.  Not much machine piecing going on lately, but I have been stitching on this 36" square applique piece for the back of a special quilt (started almost two years ago, but whose counting).  Each stem needs a pair of buds and leaves -but I'm getting close.  The plan is to add 5 rows of 1 3/4" squares and then an outside border.


Look at the surprise out my hotel window here in the heart of
Atlanta - concrete overpass on I75.  The design has great potential.  I think I might need to work this into a scrappy doll quilt - much better use of the design than a skateboard surface.

I've saved the best for last - this yummy indigo string star from the antique mall in Shipshe!  What a beauty.  It's scrunched up hanging on the wall as you enter.  Wish I could have seen this piece layed flat. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Shipshe Pics

An indigo quilt; unusual pattern.
This concentric honeycomb was quite inexpensive, but one fabric didn't hold up, so an entire round would need replacing. Great colors, though.
This tumbling blocks could be a beauty. The light machine quilting just detracts from the wonderful fabrics. Hopefully, someone will remove it and finish it - but not me, I have enough projects!
I've been working on a project that was started long ago from exchange hsts, and 4 patchs. I will share this when it gets further along. I've been sewing "parts" to make more blocks. Then, I can just work with the parts, and the blocks will sew up rather quickly.