Sunday, June 5, 2011


I've completed a fourth of the quilt - upper left corner.  The pattern is Twilight Hopscotch from Simple Comforts by Kim Diehl.  I changed the block construction to reduce seams in the background fabric - my main block is the 9/4 patch with star sashing.  The book directions are reversed.  The original star centers were scrappy double pinks (below), but didn't work for me.  So, I decided on a common cheddary center.  I was short of fabric by one piece, so the outer four corners are a little darker fabric from same color family (upper left star). 

Don't you love bonus hst!!!  I'll have alot of these blue/gray hst from the star points that will finish at 1 1/2".  My little brain has already skipped ahead to planning a new 'little' quilt.

Jan and I went to two quilt exhibits last Saturday - great quilt day!  I've included two choice applique quilts from the 'Frugal and Fancy Quilt Exhibit' (info on sidebar). 

Indiania Fancy quilt by Clariss Rohrbaugh Strong (February 12, 1854).  The quilt border serves as the quilt label. 

The quilting on the Pomegranate quilt by Mary Jane Summers McClellan (1850's) was exceptional.  I see so much more detail thru Jan's eyes - she pointed out the quirkly centers.

                                                                       Amazing quilting!


Paula said...

I had to go pull out my book to double check whether you actually got the book name right!!! When I saw it in the book a while back, I wondered what it would look like in scraps! Now I see. Completely different. I LOVE your quilt. Can't believe the difference fabric choices make. Great job! :)

fabriquefantastique said...

both outstanding....but I specially love Indianna Fancy

Karen said...

I like the quirkiness of making do by substituting a fabric from a similar color. Makes the quilt look old for sure.

The Indiana Fancy is definitely "fancy". A quilt I would love to own. I like the way the maker did all the piecing for the words spelled on the outer edge of the quilt.

Mimi said...

I love your Twilight Hopscotch quilt. I have been thinking of doing something really scrappy and since I LOVE stars, this would be a great pattern to work it up in. You are always inspiring.

Janet O. said...

I had to pull out my copy of Simple Comforts to see the Twilight Hopscotch quilt. I didn't remember one that looked like that. Boy, does it look different when it is made up in scrappy fashion. I love it!! I don't think this quilt even caught my eye in the book when I bought it, but now I can't wait to try it. Another one on the bucket list. Yikes!

antique quilter said...

oh my gosh what beautiful quilts and the quilting is to die for! wish I could have been there enjoying these quilts with you both.
think there would have been quite a few gasps!!!!
hope you will share more.
I have always wanted to do that as a border too
would be fun
wouldn't you love to own that quilt!

love your quilt your making, sooooo nice in "our" colors! have to get the book out and compare,
I love Kim's books and her quilt style

The Civil War Quilter said...

Love your Twilight Hopscotch,better than the original! your fabric choices are wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pix of the antique applique quilts. They're beautiful.

Cathy said...

Your quilt is stunning. That must have been some exhibit. The quilts are just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs

Donna in SW PA said...

LOVE the pomegranate!!!!!!

Janet said...

What stupendously gorgeous quilting. My, oh my I wish I could quilt like that! The applique is incredible too.
I love your Twilight Hopscotch so far - great background fabric.

Barb said...

wow, that quilting is really stunning! I love the hst on the pink, they do make such great little quilts!
The twilight hopscotch is fun!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh wow! I love your twighlight hopscotch.

Lori said...

Your hopskotch blocks are so cute. Its going to make a terrific quilt!!

I noticed the wonky centers of the old quilt right away. I love it! Sorta humble huh?

MARCIE said...

The blue baskets won my heart! I always admire the beautiful applique and the intricate hand quilting, but give me a simple basket quilt any day! Love it!