Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Border Disputes

Year before last the local quilt store, Needle and Thread, sold six inch pink and brown sampler blocks - one each week. I signed up because I'd always wanted to make a pink and brown quilt. Well, by the end of the year, I'd had my fill of pink and brown. Recently, I thought I would play with them on the design wall, and this is the result. This was the layout that I'd had in mind all along. It didn't use all of the blocks, but there are just a few leftovers. The question now is, do I put a narrow brown border on (of which, you can see a short strip of), and call it finished? I tend to think that is all that it needs, but I'm not certain.
Which brings me to this little top, from Lori's Cheddar Cheese and Crackers pattern. I see that nobody else put a border on their version. Now, generally, I really don't think quilts need borders. Lots of old quilts just went out to the edge, and that was that, which I like. But, on this one, I'm thinking of a very narrow border, probably brown (my go-to color), and then another of cheddar. It would have to be a different cheddar, because this was all used up except for some crumbs. Decisions, decisions!
Btw, just ignore the little bits underneath - the design wall is quite crowded with projects. But, that's a good thing!


Anonymous said...

Love it.


libbyquilter said...

your pink and brown quilt is gorgeous~!!~ i might use the fabric that you used in the larger triangle edge blocks as a first border (medium width) then the brown (skinny width) then some more of the first border/triangle fabric (medium width) . . .
i always have to lay out half a dozen different possibilities before i can decide~!~

love the cheddar cheese and cracker quilt and think a border on it would work nicely.


Lurline said...

I love it, Jan - I think it is talking very nicely as it is and would just do a binding in the brown!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Sharon said...

Both quilts look wonderful! I think a small border on the cheddar would look nice. And the narrow brown looks good on your larger quilt...maybe add one more border that is a bit larger than the brown? I always have to lay it out and audition several ideas before I decide. Have fun!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

LOVE that pink and brown!How big is it now without a border? if it is a size you like, It might not need one. it does hold it's own. You'll know the right thing to do. I just love the cheese and cracker quilts too.

Dolly said...

I'd either go with the pink and brown quilt as is, using the brown as the binding, or I would splurge and try to find a large cabbage-rose type of fabric in pinks and browns and do a 6 inch border........a border stripe would be ideal. Of course, it all depends on the size you're going for, as someone previously commented.

antique quilter said...

I think I would try and find a great pink and brown fabric for a border
think it needs something to tie it all together
Oh I LOVE your cheddar cheese and cracker quilt
I still have to make it
Keep getting side tracked
love seeing what your working on

Carol said...

I really like your pink and brown...I think I would go with no border and maybe a binding in pink and brown. Your cheddar is wonderful!

Meredith said...

Your quilt looks great wthout a broder, if you add one maybe a skinny one in a darker color and a large one in a lighter color. Your cheddar quilt looks great, that one would look neat with a border. Either way they both look good.

Julie in the Barn said...

The pink and brown is amazing. I don't think it needs a border. I actually put a border on my Cheddar Cheese quilt. But I didn't make the 1/2 squares for the edge because I ran out of my cheddar. I bordered with brown, my favorite border color.

Saska said...

I think the pink one needs the brown border.
Have you put brown up to the cheddar quilt and seen what it looks like? Since the cheddar blocks are cut in half, I think it needs something to "stop" it.

Should say that they BOTH look great!

dragonfly gypsy said...

Hi, I love your blog and quilts they are fabulous!! On your previous post you showed your fabric that you bought on sale. I was interested in 1st fabric the
aqua serpentine. Could you please let me know the name on selvedge?
Cheers Sharron

Barb said...

always so many choices. I think the narrow brown one may be a little too narrow for the size of piece (only my opinion) on the other hand, it brings out the brown bits it in the quilt in a good way.
I'm looking forward to see the border on the Cheddar doll quilt of Lori's
I love your version

Jeanne said...

I would bind it with that strip of brown fabric. The quilt is awesome! Love the cheddar quilt, too.

Vicki said...

Response to Dragonfly Gypsy's fabric question - Civil War VI by Nancy Gere from Windham (#28775). Sorry for the tardy response - I've been gone a couple days.

Patwell said...

Hey Jan&Vicki
great quilt find Jan from antique show,
Vicki,wonderful old blocks from your gradmas.After seeing all your projects,can't wait to get back into my sewing room.
Thanks for the String-A-Long quilt show post.Just hope I'll be ready!