Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweet Dreams

It didn't take Josie five minutes to find this comfy quilt thrown on the floor - one more thing marked off the list with binding applied. How do they know? What a lucky cat to be the first to lay on (rather than under) this beauty. Wish I could claim this quilt as mine.

I'm working on turning the binding on a quilt of my own. Hope I'll have a finish to show you soon.

We were visited by Halloween chickens during our sew-in. These were the cutest chickens I've ever seen (my niece's girls).


Janet said...

What cute little chickens, are they free range, lol. Cats just know, they have radar, I'm sure of it. Josie looks like she's enjoying it.

antique quilter said...

oh my gosh the little girls and the costumes are adorable!
Sooooo cute!
oh I wish I could claim that quilt as mine too, lucky kitty! love that green :)

Karmen said...

Awww! Yes they are adorable chicks. Karmen

Lori said...

I think Josie has something good going! The quilt is great and it looks like it is made with some beautiful repros.
The chickens are a HOOT!!!How fun!!

*karendianne. said...

Aww how cute those little chickens! And there is nothing like a snuggle kitty! We love cats on quilts... *karendianne.

Dolly said...

Cute chickens !
And those cats ! It's not just quilts.......I found fabric to make shawls today, and everytime I laid a piece down for two minutes, China found it and promptly claimed it as her nappy place ! Oh, they're just as pretty as the fabric, though, so whatcha gonna do?

(the scrambled words if that was the answer to my question about cats ! HA !)