Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here is probably my favorite quilt of those that I've made. This was a Red Wagon pattern in the early 90s. I remember running out of the red background fabric, as I was fairly new to quilting I didn't know to buy a lot even if you need a little! The quilt is the better for having two different background fabrics, I think.
These skeletons have buttons for their elbows and knees. They are made of bone, and the original use was for underwear. Before elastic was invented, from what I've learned. From skivvies to a quilt; bet the guy, or gal, whose drawers these belonged to would be surprised.
Some of the fabrics were vintage; for example, the shirt on this scarecrow. I would be tentative now to mix fabrics from different eras like this. This quilt receives no wear, so, hopefully, it will hold up.
The label.
Halloween is my dad's 83rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad, and Go Yankees!


antique quilter said...

what a fun quilt!
I love REd Wagon quilts and have collected many of their books, I never remember seeing this one!
love the buttons!
thanks for sharing it with us Jan

PatchworkRose said...

Love the Quilt especially those black cats and the ghosts :-)
Have Fun and a great weekend.

Carol said...

Oh Jan that is just a fabulous quilt...I love the old Red Wagon quilts. The buttons are the best and the red is perfect. I LOVE it! Happy birthday to your Dad!

Barb said...

what a fun and funny quilt - I love the ghost label.
happy haunting

Lori said...

The quilt is full of character! Very cute!!

Marge said...

This quilt is so whimsical! Which book is it in? Thanks for sharing it.

Karen said...

I don't remember this Red Wagon quilt pattern. But it is a good one! I have all the Red Wagon books and patterns I could find.

Jan said...

Marge, this was an individual pattern, but I believe that it was later in one of their books. Hope this helps.