Thursday, July 28, 2016

What's Next?

The Double Irish Chain is complete.  I might add borders if    it becomes a back.  This is a partial shot of the top.  The top is square - 13 blocks.                   

So, what's next?  I pulled two projects from hibernation to marry as front/back.  The Old Maid's Ramble has a lot of dark blue fabrics which are hard to discern in the photo.  The blocks finish at 17", so I only need 25.  This will be the front.  The shirting top is an antique quilt Bonnie Hunter posted on her blog years ago; she graciously gave me permission to recreate the quilt.  I'm targeting early September to get these to the quilter.                        

 Look at the great BD present from hubby!  The shop owner took buying trips to PA - I'm guessing that's where the doll bed originated.


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