Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quilt Show and Labels

The weekend that Jan attended the 'String-A-Long' guild show in Indiana, I attended the Venice guild show, Quilting By the Gulf XIV', in Florida.  I loved the mouse pincushion taking in the show from the vantage point of this antique block. 

This liberated log cabin was one of my favorites from the exhibited quilts.  I took a picture of the detail placard (male quilt designer), but can't read the information to give credit.  Funny coincidence that Jan and I should highlight a similar show quilt - guess we're rubbing off on each other (which is a good thing!). 

I was lucky to time my show visit with the bed turning event.  The opportunity for good quilt shots wasn't optimal, but I wanted to share my favorite.

Taryn from Repro Quilt Lover recently asked about quilt labels.  Happens that I was making a label for this quilt which will be exhibited at the AQS Paducah show this week (WOO HOO!).  If you're visiting the show and there's a 'white-glove' lady in attendance, ask to see the back - it's a strippy with alternating solid/lg hst blocks.

This is how I make a label.  My free-hand attempts have been disappointing, so I've partnered with computer software:
     - Type the line info into Word as you want it to appear on the label
     - Highlight the text, select 'center' formatting and play with font and sizing until it meets your needs
     - Save
     - Iron a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of label fabric to the waxed side of freezer paper
     - Mark a 'x' on regular printer paper and print a sample to determine how to feed the label paper
     - My printer takes the freezer paper without a problem
     - If you have a problem, I've used xerox services at Staples successfully
     - Trace over text with permanent pen (Pigma) - keep this in mind when picking the font
     - Cut label to correct measurements.  The excess fabric goes into my scraps
     - You can wash the label to make sure the text is the desired intensity before adding to quilt


Dawn said...

Love the mouse on the block - great pin cushion on a nice vintage piece.
The reel quilt is lovely - thanks for the picture.
I've done labels as you instructed and have been pleased with the results. Thank you for sharing!

Janet said...
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Janet said...

What a beautiful antique applique quilt!! It looks very densely quilted too :0) Any picture you can get and share of a quilt like this I am grateful for!

Impera Magna said...

What fun... a quilt show! I need to find me one... :)

Thanks for posting about how you make a label using a printer... I never thought about tracing the letters with a Pigma pen...

antique quilter said...

I love that block the mouse is on :)
ok that oak leaf and reel quilt is to die for!
LOve the border , wow!
doesn't that quilt inspire you to go pull red and green fabrics and start a new quilt?
just beautiful
thanks for sharing

Cynthia@wabisabiquilts said...

Labels are so important! Recently I took snapshots of a bunch of quilts at my grandma's house and none of them were labeled. Quilters just didn't label back in the day but oh how I wish they had!

Randy D. said...

Thanks for the info on how to do the labels.

Barb said...

congrats on having a quilt at the Paducah show! that's big news, and the quilt is lovely!
I love the log cabin quilt.

Janet said...

Wow, you've been showing some gorgeous quilts on the blog lately, so glad I didn't miss them. The oak reel quilt is a real beauty, thanks for sharing.