Sunday, October 23, 2011

Progress Report/Birthday Blocks for Bev

Well, as expected, I just couldn't strip piece these light blues for the irish chain. It may not take much longer to piece as individual squares, and will probably follow the piecing plan from the Atkinson pattern. This is just a preview to see if I liked how it was looking, and you can see the odd choice for the chain. The colors here are quite accurate, so don't blame your computer! It is a browney-green, and I quite like the unexpected look of it, and am ready to start sewing!
These are birthday blocks for our quilting buddy Bev. You may remember that we piece blocks for each other when a birthday ends in zero. This will be the last time that we make blocks since we all have received them - with ages ranging from 40 to 60! This time Pat chose this block for Bev, and asked that we use three fabrics per block, including a lightish background. We all like reproduction fabrics, and Bev is partial to florals so they were added into the mix.


antique quilter said...

oh the birthday blocks are great! some real treasures of fabrics in those blocks.

Ok I JUST LOVE this new quilt oh my yes yes yes go with the browney green and these blues are perfect!
this is going to be a great quilt, makes me really want to buy blues now and of course that muddy brown fabric
have fun! and keep us posted on the progress!

Maureen said...

Yes, I love the unexpected colors you've chosen for this irish chain. I'm glad these subtle blues are back. They are a wonderful contrast to the browny-green, yes, not sure what else to call it!
So fun to give blocks on milestone birthdays. Not going for another round?!?!

Kyle said...

I love the way the colors look on your Irish Chain. Keep going. I noticed the background on your blog is also in that color scheme. You have a "good thing" going!

Nancy said...

Lovely scrappy blocks! I love browns in quilts, so of course I think the chain squares are perfect.

Barb said...

love your scrappy irish chain, what a great combo.
I love the idea of doing birthday blocs on the "big years - too fun!

Dawn said...

Great color combination on the irish chain - very striking. The brithday blocks a fun - what a special gfit!!

Elaine Adair said...

I LIKE your "browney green". It's different and still pretty.

Strip piecing? Sometimes I come to a complete mental stall because I'm thinking "this HAS to be strip pieced" but it would be less mentally demanding to just cut the dang separate pieces!

Nicky said...

Love the colour scheme - good to step outside the box sometimes!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful color combination and love the scrappy look ....just my style....This is going to be a treasure.

Carolyn :)