Sunday, October 17, 2010

Doll Quilt Finish & Fessing Up!

This little triangle doll quilt was pieced of leftovers at our group's retreat last January. Just some simple hand quilting along the seam lines, but it's enough, I think. The purple trip-around-the-world quilt that I posted a couple of weeks ago came from this book:
You can see that I completely copied the colors. The fabrics for this were cut out back in the early 90's, and when the retreat rolled around I was in the mood to complete a UFO. This was one of the oldest, and as time passed, I liked it again. By then, two or three fabrics didn't cut the mustard so Vicki and I shopped at Yoder's for substitutions.

Check out some of the older fabrics that made the cut! How do you like those duckies and bunnies on the medium rose fabric? There wasn't a good fabric to swap it out with value-wise, so it stayed, and I think it's kind of funny that it's in there. The fabrics still all play together nicely. For some reason, when I make a reproduction quilt(which is most of the time), it's sometimes fun to throw in something that just doesn't belong. I really like to do this when there are lots of little pieces, and you would really have to search for it. Maybe I just find it hard to play by the rules? Yes, I think that's it!

The backing fabric was being saved so there would be lots of it visible. It practically makes the quilt reversible. The binding is truly one of my favorite fabrics. My daughter says that I say that a lot, but this one really is. It is from one of the early Smithsonian repro lines, and I still have a yard or so left. It's just a great brown.
Thank you to everyone who left comments on my posts, especially the one about the flannel quilt for my niece. I was really touched at all of the nice things that were written. Quilters are the best!


Kim said...

I love the doll quilt! I've got some leftovers tacked up on my wall that I think I'll use in this way!! Love it! And absolutely in love with your purple trip around the world. The backing you used is one of MY favorite fabrics! ;o) I still have a little of it left.

Cheryl said...

I love the borders on your doll quilt and that backing fabric is to die for. The binding looks great with it. I think we all have fabrics that are just our favorites this week, and then a new favorite comes along to take its place.

Miri said...

Gorgeous doll quilt! Beautiful and it really has the look of an antique quilt-love the borders!

WOW! The backing fabric for your trip around the world is gorgeous!!!

Great to see your pictures from PA...I loved the Lancaster Quilt Museum when I got to go there. I still dream about the quilting patterns.

libbyquilter said...

ooooooooohhhhh CUTE little doll quilt~!


p.s. i like the big one too and i have that book as well. good for you for accomplishing a finish~!!~

Pat said...

Your doll quilt is so sweet and being familiar with many of your fabric choices and the scale of the prints, those are tiny HST's! As for the brown and pink backing with the partridges...that has got to be my all time favorite, having bought yards of it a while back & most of it gone now. One of the classics!
It even came in wide widths.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Sharon said...

Great little doll quilt, I like how you did the borders! Love the scrappiness!

Lori said...

Love your little quilt!!
Someone down the line will find your fun old fabric in the TATW and get a smile from it!!

Marilyn Robertson said...

Love the little quilt! I can't wait to see it in person. I hope to see your purple one too! I have some of that backing fabric it!

Vivian said...

The fabric on the back looks like Fons and Porter's old Savannah line. I have a couple pieces of it, bought at different stores, and the colors aren't the same. Interesting how dye lots vary.

Love your various borders on the doll quilt. A little surprise fabric here and there makes the quilt totally yours and adds so much to the fun of the whole project.

Barb said...

Love your sweet little quilt. the irregular borders are so charming!
I have that book, I should take a trip through all my old books sometime.
I love, love that backing fabric, it is just luscious!