Monday, July 20, 2009


I thought that I would share my Railroad Crossing quilt today. It hangs on this walnut hymnal rack in my kitchen. The smaller, crib sized quilts are alternated here from time to time. The rack, actually, is upside down from how it was originally used on the back of a pew. This creates a shelf on the top, and I have some of my vintage photos displayed here. I'm always on the lookout for photos of people reading, or with books. Photos of women, or girls are best. Also, I seek out any photo with a quilt in it. These are harder to find.
The Railroad Crossing is a traditional Amish design which I interpreted in patterned fabrics. I liked this idea so much that I reproduced a published Amish crib quilt in the same manner.When it came time to quilt this, I chose typical Amish quilting designs. You can still see the chalk lines, as this hasn't been washed. By today's standards, it is a no-no to not remove the markings. It certainly doesn't bother me. If this were an antique quilt, the markings would be a bonus to show how little, if any, use the quilt received. Why the change?

I'm having trouble getting my pictures where I want them. Still learning!

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Dolly said...

I have really enjoyed looking through some of your older posts.......I like your quilts and your way of writing about them.