Saturday, January 2, 2010

Doll Quilts Featuring Cheddar

While working on Lori's cheddar doll quilt-a-thon, I was thinking of other doll quilts that I had made using cheddar fabrics. This pattern came from "Twenty Little Four Patch Quilts" by Gwen Marston. I shamelessly copied her fabric choices, as that is what mainly drew me to it. This would be a good series quilt - doll, crib and full sized, I think. This is an odd little quilt, isn't it? It is a four patch with sashing and post, paying no mind to the orientation of the two colors of the four patch.

Finally, this Exquisite pattern really uses more of a gold. It also was in one of Gwen's Twenty Little books that were published by Dover. Great books if you can find them. They pop up on ebay at times if you are so inclined.


Janet said...

The cheddar doll quilts look like a series already. Fabulous, I love cheddar. I'm loving making Lori's little quilt, I'd love a full size one too.

Lori said...

Very nice! Cheddar is such a fun color!

Vivian said...

Love these little quilts. I appreciate the quick finish that they offer, in between my larger projects. Looks like Lori has quite a group following her. (me too)

Kathie said...

great quilts I bought that book used on Amazon, its still around
oh yes you can bet I will make these quilts this year!
thanks for the inspiration!

*karendianne. said...

Oh man this is the best ever this morning. I'm so happy I arrived here to see these great little doll quilts. Golly if this doesn't get a girl inspired... Wow. Makes the coffee taste so much better.

Barb said...

Nice Doll quilt show! I love the cheddar chain one especially.

Jamie said...

Love the doll quilts!
Would rather be piecing than grading papers, especially w/ our temps in San Antonio heading towards the upper teens!

Robin Hill Quilts said...

I found your blog from a follower of mine~you are on her favs and will be on mine! L0vr the little cheddar quilts~ And the post you did of the doves waiting.....lovely!

Patwell said...

Jan and Vicki, I enjoy looking at your blog
The doll quilts are sweet

Patwell said...

of course ,I love the cheddar for the doll quilt.
I too took an idea from Gwen re the fans I'm doing
on a small quilt. I took your idea and just winged it!

libbyquilter said...

LOVE the little cheddar quilts~!!~and must consider adding some of this scruptios color/fabric to one of my doll quilts in the very near future . . .

also love your blog and will add it to my faves immmediately~!!~
your blog title caught my eye as i was hopping around this morning and i had to laugh and check it out~!!~ so glad that i did~!!~