Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Haven't had any real time to sew this week because we have company. I thought that I would share my next possible project. This scrumptious nine-in-nine patch is from the book, "The Ultimate Quilting Book" by Maggi McCormich Gordon. And, no, you are not seeing double. The quilt on the left is a reproduction of this quilt, and is from Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, in the July 2005 issue. I've been thinking of reproducing it myself with DeGama indigoes rather than indigo repros. The one in QNM was done in what looks to be Judie Rothermel blues. It looks just wonderful, but if I can find a really nasty bilious green like the original, I think that the contrast with the DeGama true indigoes would be smashing. Don't you? Btw, the book and magazine are lying on a bed in a spare bedroom. You can see that I have pulled the indigoes that I have (not many), and a nice yellow/green. It is a great piece, but just not yellowy enough. I suppose I could crank out a few nine patchs with the scraps that I have, and see how it looks.
Just for comparison, this little doll quilt is made from the DeGama indigoes and a repro shirting. It is on a little twig doll bed in the same spare bedroom. The little bear is mohair, and jointed so he really is a cutie, I think. The pillow I bought this way. It is just a piece from an old coverlet, and it is another favorite.


Kathie said...

I have that quilt bookmarked to make some day too!
look forward to seeing yours!
love the little doll quilt and wow that pillow is awesome, would make a great applique pattern.
Where do you buy the DeGama indigoes?

Lori said...

I love it! Who would think that green and those blues would look so stunning?!

Jan said...

www.cabininthecotton.com is the source that I know of. Most major quilt shows have a vendor that sells the DeGamas.

Martha said...

I am in the process of planning a vintage indigo and shirting doll quilt which looks a bit like this cute little quilt. I must say that I am pretty excited to have discovered your blog.