Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Darwin D. Bearley Antique Ohio Amish Quilts

Antique Ohio Amish Quilts from the Darwin D. Bearley Collection is the new exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.  There's a beautiful book from 2006 which I've had for a couple years that documents the collection.  I was so fortunate to see this amazing exhibit presenting 'Quilts as Art'!

Ocean Waves, cotton, 35" x 41"
c. 1890 - 1900, Holmes County
Broken Star, cotton, 79" x 79", c. 1925-30, Holmes County, made by Mother of Mrs. Henry Raber
Courthouse Steps, wool, 76" x 81", c. 1880 - 90, Holmes County
Log Cabin, Straight Furrow, wool, 67" x 82", 1914, Holmes County, made by Mariann Yoder
Log Cabin, Light & Dark Variation, wool, 66" x 82", c. 1880-90, Holmes County
Nine Patch Variation "Winter Quilt", heavy wool, 67" x 88", initialed R.T. 1884, Knox County

Sampler, cotton, 64" x 87", c. 1890-1900, Holmes County
Diagonal 16-Patch, cotton, 76" x 77", c. 1880-90, Mt. Hope, Holmes County
Zig Zag Nine Patch Variation, cotton, 79" x 81", c. 1890-1930, Geauga County

Chinese Coins, cotton, 79" x 90", c. 1930-40, Plain City, OH
Tumbling Blocks, wool, 70" x 87", c. 1900-1910, Holmes County, made by Anna K. Yoder

 Twinkle Stars, cotton, 72" x 89", dated 1895, made by Dena Miller, Holmes County
Bear Paw, wool, 77" x 92", c. 1900-1915, Holmes County


Janet O. said...

Love these quilts. Thanks for the show!

Terry said...

Hi Vicki, I first learned of this book from you when we were at Gwen Marston's and was thrilled to be able to find a copy. Lucky you getting to see the quilts in person...they're wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jan!

Dawn said...

Fantastic! I enjoyed his book, not just the collection photos, but the story of his collecting process.

Mimi said...

Gorgeous quilts. We go to Holmes County 2-3 times a year and love it there. we mostly go for the furniture, but love visiting all the quilt shops in the area. Thank you for sharing these lovely quilts.

CecileD said...

Oh my...what beautiful quilts !!
Thank you for sharing and have a great Thanksgiving !

O'Quilts said...

I love these too..and I love the header quilt

Barb said...

wonderful exhibit. Makes me want to start an Amish style quilt. Did you ever see the Amish quilts in the Dairy Barn a few years ago?

Sharon said...

Looks like a fabulous exhibit. I love the look of these quilts. Thanks for sharing

taylorsoutback said...

Thank you for sharing these images - all are fabulous but that first one just sparkles against the black background

Lori said...

What gorgeous quilts! Wish I could see them all in person.

claire witherspoon said...

Oh, thanks for posting these wonderful pix! I'm actually going to San Jose tomorrow so I was esspecially glad to be reminded of this show!! I will make an effort to stop by the museum, Lucky me! cheers!

Jamie Penland said...

You brought out my inner Amish!
Wonderful post!
Always look forward to your next great adventure.

Bearley Darwin said...

Hi Vicki.

Who and where are you?
You should have stopped by the museum today and we could have met.

For those of you who can't get there you cand purchase the book directly from me for $45 plus shipping.
You can contact me at:
Hope to hear from some of you...