Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Olympic piecing marathon underway in blogland?  The gun has sounded in NW IN.   Finished piecing center of mid 1850 pinwheel inspired by Elizabeth Richardson exhibit - disappointing.  This top has been put in time-out - what I see on the design wall looks a bit boring.  I'll let this one sit for awhile.  

I've pulled out a top started in January at our little quilt retreat in Shipshe.  Jan helped me work thru design decisions - sometimes the quilt you see in your mind doesn't translate to the design wall.  This top is using bowties exchanged in our old sewing group.

I've also pre-washed fabric purchased for a wall hanging of one of my favorite NYC Red and White quilts -

pre-washing and drafting complete.  I have plenty to keep me occupied while rooting on the USA!

Jan and I had a wonderful NYC visit.  Wish I could spend hours exploring the library!


Lynn Dykstra said...

that red and white is wonderful--I may have to draft my own!

Dawn said...

I like the browns - I have a bolt of that pillar print ;-)
But, if doesn't speak to you ... it doesn't!
Love your red and white choice. Very elegant.

Taryn said...

Sometimes the quilt projects need to "mature." I have been to NY so many times and never once visited that library. I am going to make a point of getting to it next time. I keep remembering that red and white show. Wasn't it just amazing?

Lori said...

Sometimes you need a nice mellow quilt.... Love your red and white choice!!

Barb said...

I like the pinwheels, classic and wonderful. Love the bow ties too.
Glad you had a nice visit to NY - let me know next time and I'll buy you a drink!
looking forward to your red and white project.
Hooray for the olympics!

Randy D. said...

I love the idea of a time out for a quilt you aren't feeling inspiring! The red/white quilt is gorgeous. THAT would be inspiring!

Janet O. said...

I really like the bowties. And the red/white is a wonderful design! That will be a treasure!

The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

i quite like the softness of the browns in your quilt, I hope it can redeem itself in your eyes.

What a stunning red and white quilt , gorgeous quilting too. Can't wait to see your wall hanging when you get it finished.

Holly Field Designs said...

The red & white quilt is amazing. Will you remain true to the color palette? I do like the brown bowties, you may try a small inner boarder of a complementary color, like the inner border of a matted frame, then try your border fabric. I've found that bit of space and a pop of color helps to concentrate the focus of a quilt. I've just found your blog, and look forward to reading past posts.

scholarpon said...

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