Wednesday, April 7, 2010

String-A-Long Quilt Show, Next Installment

Pat acquired these antique fan blocks - not sure if gifted or purchased.  I love everything about this quilt - the block setting, border, quilting...  These blocks found the right owner!

These last two quilts (made by Pat) are the 'teasers' from Jan's last post.  Pat is such an awesome quilter.  She has a relaxed approach to quilting - a natural sense of what works.  Lucky girl!

Sorry about the angle on this next one - couldn't get a straight-on shot.


Sew Unique Creations said...

I am enjoying the pictures you are posting from the show! I have not been able to upload the ones I took just yet - my old blog was hacked into and I had to delete it - so today I've been creating a new one! What a job! Come visit me again please!!!!! It was nice meeting you at the quilt show! Will you be going to Chicago or Paducah?

Karen said...

These are fabulous quilts!! The quilting in the fans is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Janet said...

Pat makes gorgeous quilts, they are very inspiring. I absolutely love the double nine patch, what a sense of colour and design. Are they all repros or does she mix fabrics up?
Thanks so much for sharing the quilts.

Anonymous said...

Love the nine patch - what fun!

Kathie said...

oh my more beautiful quilts!!!!!!
love, love. love that nine patch!
great colors
but that pinwheel quilt is calling me good thing I just bought that bolt of cheddar!

Barb said...

what great quilts! Thanks for the photos. I adore the 9-patch quilt especially!

Lori said...

Amazing quilts! Pat is very talented. I especially love the nine patch....oh and the pinwheel quilt is wonderful too.
She did a terrific job on the of each please!!

Kath said...

Thanks for telling me about the stars. Are they english paper pieced? I love the fans, they are my favourite.

Patwell said...

Thanks Vicki and Jan for the kind words and the wonderful photos of my quilts at our SAL show.
It's wonderful to hear all the nice comments from your followers.
Judging from all the positive comments at the show and on your blog,
traditional blocks and reproduction
19th century fabric still rule!

shellysquilts said...

Gorgeous quilts! I love them all but I think my favorite is the last one with the pink sashing. Happy quilting!