Sunday, November 15, 2009

Retreat Packing

I'm headed to Shipshewanna next week-end for the Dear Jane retreat. I'm only one hour away, so I get to attend fairly often. My DJ should have been completed years ago, but I haven't worked on it in ages. The retreat starts mid-week, but I'm arriving on Friday. I'm packing today because I'm traveling for work tomorrow and won't get home until Thursday night.

I've been finishing up some long overdue projects lately and it feels really good to see progress. So, I'm taking two in-flight projects that have been lingering too long. The first is something I cooked up using 4 patch exchange blocks and I stalled because I'm not sure I like the design - it's pretty busy. I'm hoping the stars in the sashing add some structure (and calm things down). It doesn't get any better sitting in a box, so I'm going to forge ahead and see how things turn out.

The second is Snowball and 9 Patch. This one stalled because I don't like the blocks set straight, but, I do like them on-point. I'll have to dig thru boxes to see if I have enough background fabric for setting triangles. I purchased the background fabric on my first trip to Sauder's.

I'll let you know how things go. I'm looking forward to seeing familar faces!


Karen said...

The fabric colors in the first quilt photo really appeal to me.

Kathie said...

OH Vicki I love your snowball and nine patch quilt
I want to make another one of those too, it does look great on point too
The first quilt is wonderful
love the blue your using for the sashing ! I would not have chosen that for the sashing but it is perfect
nothing better than 4 patches !!! Love the look of this quilt, keep going!!!!
Do you have a bigger picture of this quilt????? I would love to see it
Oh so jealous wish I could go on one of these retreats would love to visit the shops there too! Make sure you take lots of pictures from the show and tell of the DJ's as well as the other wonderful creations!

Barb said...

have fun at the retreat!
Nice snowball

Lori said...

I agree that the second one looks better on point. If you don't have more fabric for the setting triangles how about something that is similar? I think its best to continue on with
the top one and see what you think when it's a little bigger. You can do so many things with a 4 patch- dont' feel tied to that sashing if that is not what you like. Of course, you already knew that:)