Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Check One Off The List

I just recently made this top for son-in-law to be, Adam. It is lap quilt size, and he is a big boy so it measures around 54x76. He plays hockey professionally in Texas, and needs a new quilt for road trips. These are the teams colors. Maybe I'll attempt to machine quilt this myself. Just some straight lines. I wanted to baste this using one of the sprays available, but started to read the labels on the cans and got scared off. Has anyone used them? I would be interested to hear what you have to say.

Vicki had a sew-in this past weekend, and we all had such a good time. She showed you one of her four cats, and she also has two dogs and three kittens out in the garage. Her animals are so sweet and well behaved. They kept us all entertained. I was able to complete the blocks for the Jewel Box quilt, and started a doll quilt. Of course, there has been zero sewing time since I got home. Maybe tomorrow!


Lurline said...

Great quilt - Adam will love it!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Coloradolady said...

This is a beautiful quilt...I am sure he will love it. Great job.

You can just call me...dotty... said...

Not only appropriate colors , but a good manly choice of pattern.
Very nice job !
Hope you get to sew again soon !

Anonymous said...

lovely quilt great colors. I spray baste all the time. I prefer Sullivans in the pink can. There is overspray and you need to do it in a well ventalated area. I have put up a table outside and sprayed on the deck before. The over spray will disappate with time Good luck

Barb said...

Hi -
Nice guy quilt, great graphic pattern.
I used the spray years ago and was frustrated trying to line everything up correctly. Might be easier with 2 people. I've also tried the iron on batting, which is easier. In the end, I'm a purest once more, pinning regular batting or sew basting.
good luck

Julie in the Barn said...

I use the spray baste stuff and love it. I've tried all the various brands and the best is 505 Spray & Fix. The others are way too sticky and gummy. I baste quilts outside on a homemade ping pong table for ventilation and to avoid the problem of overspray getting on anything important like my carpet or hardwood floor. I have done small things indoors on an old sheet with all the windows & doors open!

Sam said...

Hi from Albany in Western Australia. I too, use the spray all the time and echo what everyone says about lots of ventilation. I wont recommend a brand 'cos they will be different in the USA. However, there are differences, and I have found some that work well and others that do not. So I would suggest following one of the brands recommended. The good ones allow you to reposition if you need to and yet stay together for ages. Definitely worth a go. Sam

Lori said...

Nice quilt Jan! Herr is a post I did about spray basting. It's not for everyone, but I use it a lot.