Saturday, September 19, 2009


Finally back to normal life for a couple days. We had a great (quick) trip. The quilts at the Packwood were wonderful. My favorites were a red/green applique c. 1860 and a LeMoyne star in an unusual setting (notes taken).

We fabric shopped on Saturday and had way too much fun! We ventured to a couple new places - one was Burkholder's in Cocalico, PA (appropriate name). This quilt was hanging at the back of the store. I stood back and stared for quite awhile (while Jan shopped). The sample was in hand-dyes, which was striking, but I'm thinking it would be great in repros. I was just commenting that I didn't have a project that I could just pull from a stack of pre-cut pieces - whatever comes to hand. I think this is the ticket. I found these pictures on the web.


Kathie said...

I hope you got on their mailing list, they send out wonderful coupons that makes it worth while for me to drive 2 1/2 hrs to get to and shop!
I have seen this quilt in person it is awesome
hmm maybe I need to make it with you!

Janet said...

Vickie, there's something weird on the background of your blog. Hope it's just me. So glad to hear you enjoyed the packwood and Burkholders where I have done some online shopping. Ther'e a lot of piecing in that there quilt!

crazypatch dreamer said...

Yes, that quilt would look great in repros - I can see it now! Up close, it's less complicated than it looks. I don't need anything else on my quilts-to-make list, but that one just landed there!