Saturday, August 13, 2016

New Old Quilt

Not much sewing going on here the past two weeks. Completing two tops by the end of September might be a pipe-dream. However, an antique Triple Irish Chain came home with me last week. I wasn't shopping for an old quilt, but I couldn't leave this one behind - the condition is great and the price was right!

I took the quilt to a fabric study 'Show and Tell'. We are fortunate to have members with advanced knowledge in fabric dating. The consensus was mid 19th century - a popular color scheme of the mid 1800's (red/green/yellow). The brown was originally a chemically dyed green. The quiltmaker was very skilled - seams are exact and hand quilting is beautiful.

The last photo is the full quilt, but the pic is a little wonky. It's a beautiful quilt and I'm thrilled that I'm included in its list of caretakers. I'm on an Irish Chain roll!