Sunday, October 6, 2013


On the way to the AQSG seminar in Charleston, I stopped at the Lexington County Museum (SC).  The applique quilt at left was a show stopper as you entered the quilt display room.  The applique quilt to the right in the following photo seems to be a more primitive rendering of the same design.   Notice the quilt hanging on the left - this quilt was made by two sisters with obvious difference of opinion on design choice.

The same applique design was on display at the Charleston Museum.  The placard at the museum identified the design as Sundew, a carnivorous plant.  The design appears to be indigenous to Lexington County, South Carolina.  My pic from the Charleston Museum is blurry due to the glass barrier, but want to include for your comparison.

I've recently been collecting some older quilts that have asked to come home with me - this is a new endeavour for me.  The following Bear's Paw quilt was a BD present to myself.  How can you abandon an old quilt, unloved, in a drafty antique mall?  This quilt whispered 'Halloween' to me - I was sold!

Jan and I are doing a 'pick up' from the quilter next week.  I have another for 'drop off'.  Chipping away at the long list!

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Anyone else having trouble with Blogger?  Finally had to use an alternate browser.  I still can't update the 'On the Nightstand' section and Jan can't upload pics.  


Janet O. said...

Those Sundew quilts are fascinating. I got a chuckle out of the quilt the sisters made. : )
For me, blogger has been well behaved--at least for the moment.

Barb said...

Wonderful quilts and wonderful to see a post from you busy girls!
Love seeing these antique quilts.
Have a great time at the seminar!!
Haven't had any problems with blogger, I'm using Chrome not Firefox.

Karen said...

All those little points! Beautiful.

Nann said...

Your photos show that our predecessors jumped onto design bandwagons, just as we do nowadays. (Think of the hundreds of quiltmakers who made blocks and quilts for "Swoon" last year.)

I finally joined AQSG since the 2014 Seminar will be in Milwaukee, just 50 miles up the road. (I've been procrastinating for years. I really enjoy quilt history and women's history.)

regan said...

I so glad that beautiful bearpaw quilt went home with you! And I'm loving that sisterly quilt in two different mindsets! So fun! Thanks for all the pics.....loads of inspiration here! :o)

Lori said...

What a fantastic quilt pattern!!
It looks like a great museum.