Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where's the Willpower?

I caved!  I resisted Lucy's Jacok when she first posted.  Then, last weekend I was catching up on my blog list, and saw Keryn's completed top.  Too much for me - I caved!  Each block finishes at 9" which adds to the quilt's visual draw.  I thought about downscaling (cause I like little blocks), but decided against it.  Bonus for me - the 4 patch strip size matches the 9 patch for the Martz quilt I posted about recently, so I'm getting double duty from the dark strips.

The fabric the 9 patch blocks are laying on is from Blue Hill Fabrics - Sara's Stash.  I picked it up at Whittle's on the trip to Florida.  They aren't far off I-65 in Kentucky.  I also stopped at the Speed Art Museum's exhibit of the Bingham-Miller collection in Louisville (sidebar).  Great diversion for a day in the car.

If you're following my Featherweight drama, no resolution yet.  I'm using my mom's 1951 Singer 15-91 portable machine - beautiful stitch, but the thing weighs a ton.  Portable? - I don't think so!  

I just pulled my bed quilt from the dryer, so a good time to post pics.  Shadow, my old black cat, lays on the quilt every night, so I don't want to change out my bed quilt for something that suits me better.  This quilt was made for an on-line Labor Day quilt retreat years ago.  I wasn't fond of the top until it was machine quilted by Fat Quarter Quilt Farm - Susan's stitching art made me love the quilt.  The border picture is the closest to actual color. 

center section


back (flipped over)

The last thing I have to share is a recently inherited (unfortunately, but not my Grandma - she's been gone for years) needlepoint picture made by my Grandma Flo.  I remember visiting with her in the backyard while she worked on this piece.  The yarns were so close in shade, she worked in natural sunlight to follow the color chart.  The camera won't render a sharp image due to the needlepoint texture.  It will find a spot of honor to remind me of my Grandma every day.                              


Elaine Adair said...

Oh my, that Star quilt is stunning. Yet, I see it's a collecting of scraps, yet the blue and the pink absolutely MAKE it!! It's lovely and goes to prove how "an ordinary quilt" can end up stunning!!!

Your Grandma's needlepoint is definitely a lovely item. Subject matter is so endearing as well.

Kyle said...

Those classic Jacob Ladder blocks are going to be a great use of fabrics. There are some great looking quilts with that design currently being made in the blog world. I also love it when I can use the mess of the current project for another project. It makes me feel so efficient.

Lori said...

Oh my gosh! What a special family treasure And it is so neat someone is going to enjoy it so much.
I love your latest project!! Its a fantasitc pattern.
Your bed quilt is fantastic and looks a little modern:)

Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

What beautiful stars! Your quilt is coming along so well and pretty.

You have gained a fabulous treasure with the needlepoint. Frame it and put it up so that everyone can enjoy. I love that pattern. She must have worked very hard on it.

Dawn said...

I can see why you caved.
Don't you love it when you get something quilted and you like it even more??
The needlepoint is beautiful - a treasure.

taylorsoutback said...

When it comes to quilting (which it usually does!)
I find will power to be highly overrated :o)

Great star quilt - amazing dimensional movement!

regan said...

The quilts are fantastic....and your Gram's needlepoint is really lovely. So glad it went to someone who will love it and enjoy the memories of it! Nice!

Janet O. said...

Love Jacob's ladder--making one myself.
That needlepoint picture is such a treasure. I love handwork made by family members, no matter their skill level. But this picture is beautiful. Lucky you to have this remembrance!

Linda in NC said...

Love your start on Jacob's Ladder. I couldn't resist Lucy's Jakob, and started one immediately in 6" format but it morphed into a different, 4" version almost immediately. Think I may have to try a classic version again after seeing yours!

Vivian said...

Oh dear -- I'm in love. After seeing this post and following your links, I changed my mind re: my next project. (Farmer's Wife just went back on the shelf.)
Jacob is calling to me loudly. THANK YOU for the inspiration. I just have to get out some of my repro's and start cutting.

Barb said...

What a lovely needlepoint - and a what a nice heirloom to have.
don't you love a freshly laundered quilt?
your new laddler blocks are great - have fun - it's good to cave.

Karen said...

Okay, these Jacob's Ladder quilts are so seriously gorgeous!! Here's another one on my never ending to-do list :)! Looks wonderful.