Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Joanna Semel Rose

and heartfelt thanks for your generous gift to the quilting community.  Everyone described 'Infinite Variety' as the 'exhibit of a lifetime'.  Jan and I viewed the exhibit three times and found new favorites each visit.  The impact of the display as you walked thru the doors was amazing - never to be topped!  I'm posting pics of my fav 5 - those that 'spoke to me'. 

The Park Avenue Armory was a wonderful venue for the exhibit.  This last photo is the pattern projected on the worn drill hall floor from the ceiling lighting rigging.


Rita said...

I was able to attend the show on Monday and it was wonderful. You're right about the feeling of walking into the Armory. It was almost overwhelming. My husband thought having it in the Armory just added to the charm of the whole event. I was wondering how old those floor boards are.

Sue said...

Hi Vicki, I agree it was just overwhelming. the first one of your favs is one of mine too, wonderful quilting on it. Glad I got to meet up with you both on Friday night.

Karen said...

The last quilt you show is my favorite of your favorites. I think it is because there is more red than white. It looks as though the white is laying on top of the red. A beautiful design. It is wonderful that the quilts were shared in this way. Wish I could have gone but not possible.

Cheryl said...

I love seeing everyone's posts and what quilts they liked best! Wish I could have gone. Of course, now I am inspired to make a red and white quilt of my own! Thanks for sharing your favorites.

Barb said... the quilts!!!

Kathie said...

love that picture of the floor it says it all!
wasn't it just amazing I am still in awe that I saw this exhibit of a lifetime, thats for sure!
yes its true I ordered a few yards of solid red and white today :)
these are some of my favorites too!!!!!

Janet said...

Thanks for showing such amazing quilts. I could only imagine how magical it was. I'm going to sit back and watch as many quilters will probably start their own red and white quilt.

regan said...

Dang....I should have worn a sign asking, "Are you a blogger?" cuz I didn't see anyone familiar, and I was there both Sat and Sun. I tried finding Mary from Little Welsh Quilts cuz she was carrying a union jack tote, but no luck there either!

Oh well....gave me more time to look at all the amazing quilts! It was the best show ever! So glad I went! I've posted a bunch of pics, too. Can't get enough of this Red and White Show!

Barb said...

I'm still sad we didn't get to meet up :( next time!
I think I'll follow your lead with a few of my favorites - I loved so many, but I'll have to boil it down.
It was such an incredible quilting weekend in NYC - so fun!