Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I haven't started a new project in a long time (with the exception of Lori's doll quilt in January).  I sewed a couple sample blocks months ago to capture an idea, but not picked a new project to ramp up the enthusiasm.  I've been thumbing thru the quilt library and keep coming back to three quilts.  These need to ferment a bit in my brain before jumping in.  So, Sunday I grabbed a stack of 3" squares from the stash and, quick-as-you-please, I had 21 square-in-square blocks.  Here's a little sample -

I'm considering adding pieced strips around the edges - I've got something in mind.  Don't know where it will go from here.  Sometimes you just gotta play and let the blocks tell you how the quilt should evolve.  I'm a great one for over-planning, so this will be an adventure. 

One of the quilt books I return to repeatedly for reference is 'Vertical Quilts with Style'.  It gives diagonal measurements and cutting dimensions for side and corner triangles for blocks from 1" to 16" (increments of 1/2") - very handy when you decide to set a block on-point!

Hope to get back to sewing soon - things are crazy busy!


libbyquilter said...

this looks like fun~i love square in a square blocks~!!~


Linda C said...

There is even something satisfying in just sewing a few simple blocks.
Thats a new book to me, will check it out.
Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

I like the stripe fabric!

Lori said...

How fun to play without a master plan!!!

Barb said...

i love those little square in square blocks. just keep making them and the quilt will reveal itself. I love to work this way, but I haven't in a while, thanks for reminding me.

Sharon said...

Looking good...can't wait to see what you come up with to finish it. Isn't it fun to just putz around with a quilt?

Anonymous said...
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Kathie said...

I love these blocks too, I work the same way usually start with a block and then once I have a pile of them I play on the design wall
have fun!!!!
love that book by the way!

季玉 said...
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