Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back and Forward

Taking stock of the quilting department of my year. Completed four UFO tops (one bound and in use), which sounds pretty good. However, the 'started' column also tallies four. Only one in this category is from my 'bucket' list - Colorado. Fortunately, this one is nearing completion. Maybe my New Year's resolutions will include completing something from the 'bucket' list.

This top was completed in January of this year. I think it was started in 2002 - cover quilt from the Quilt Sampler (bubblegum pink) from J.J.'s Stitches.

This is the quilt back (detail above). The original plan was to use the same yucky gold from the top for setting triangles. I was about 2" shy on yardage, so I improvised from stash.


Janet said...

At least you didn't add more than you finished to the list. I say that's a good thing. I'm going to make a list for next year I think. I hope to achieve as much as you at least. Loved seeing the cheddar quilt and the back is a lovely surprise.

Kathie said...

this quilt is wonderful. trying to figure out what fabric that you used and call yucky gold! oh its not about the number of quilts we finish its all about the journey :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I love the yucky gold quilt, it is fantastic, the colour is very difficult to find here in Australia.

love it, thank you for sharing

Lori said...

The back is beautiful! What a fun surprise! I need to do that more often.
I love the "yucky" yellow quilt! The blocks are really set off by that color! Love it!!

Taryn said...

I have that same Bubblegum Pink quilt on my bucket list. I was planning on sticking with the pink color they used and I am rather "pinked" out this year so it keeps slipping downt the list. I like your variation on the color and your back is definitely a surprise.


i LOVE that yucky gold! I love it! one of my favorite golds... now I'll just call it yucky gold, aka: fabulous gold!

Anonymous said...

Terrific quilt & so well done! Isn't J.J.'s a great quilt shop - so much inspiration.

Barb said...

I love churn dash, or monkey wrench, whichever, this one looks great.